Does offering one man teams give

If we wanted to bag less points for the number one faction does setting up one man teams provide that or did they get the same amount of points with one as in 5 people teams

I don’t think it makes a difference to the amount of points they get but I’m not 100% sure.

I think you get points based on the number of surviving characters, so it wouldn’t make any difference.

I’m not positive though. Only one way to know for sure, test it out and see!

They will get the same points… actually it will be easier for them to score because they will never loose a character that way.

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No idea, but honestly curious as to why you would bother to do that in the first place? Is it to be salty or just because you want it over faster? I’m in a top 5 faction but nowhere close to the top faction in our region. I’ve seen the other top teams do that against our #1 and it just seems silly. War is supposed to be fun, testing your defenses and putting up the best fight you can. I could care less if the #1 team gets more points off of my corpse, I’m not gonna roll over and die for them. Just makes the game even more unenjoyable for everyone.


there is almost always 1 low lying fruit … find it and drop the camp get the points yoi know you can then practice on the other teams.

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For ideas to try to combat against the non sharing number one faction we were last in Regional war and they think it’s a big joke we’re trying to diminish any extra if possible. But you’re right I wasn’t thinking about that it’s surviving Tunes

And for you people that think them territories don’t work you’re sadly mistaken. And in time you can achieve whatever you want through them but having them is a definite bonus when crafting. Infer the regional War that I believe we’re going to be experiencing more of as a region they need to be a system in place for everyone not just the strongest faction sitting on them 24/7

I do believe that the stronger factions should shre some of the wealth and even offer suggestions on your defenses if you ask them. I think this way because there will come a time when all wars are multi region and they will not be competing against you as much as with you.

I think it might since there is a “character defeated bonus” from each attack. Could be wrong but I would guess that means 5 characters defeated gives more points than 1.

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Yes there should be just because the game is moving towards Regional War more often because of dying regions which I understand the move into that direction