Does nice regions still exist?!?!


Probably everybody have is own definition of a nice region (depending on what they are looking for) but for me:

-top factions are not douche
-no or low drama

  • mostly respectful people in global
    -crits sharing
  • drop def in raid events
    -no or low territories walkering

It’s existing or it’s like finding a unicorn?!


Well aside from mainly the active part, we’re pretty decent.


Not active or dead? Lol


No region is full of rainbows, peaches, and kittens.


About 6 - 8 active factions so take that as you will.


I wouldn’t be so sure. Inactive regions are usually peaceful.


No unicorns I’m disappointed


Rule one: Dont talk about fight club


Colbert is fantastic. It’s extremely active and competitive and it has a wonderful vibe. The top faction is Abusement Park and they have been nothing short of kind and gracious. We were recently graced with a new super faction that should challenge AP, but they also have been very cool so far… Overall, Colbert is an S9 region, lol… More facs are welcome as well.


There will always be fluctuating regions moving forward.
Top factions are gonna be outgunned by transfers. That will force them to another region. The acceptance is to join a top faction with your activity or pay to win or accept the fact that you wont win top 10 prizes anymore.

I was quite happy with this game pre key transfer. Not so much now. They would have been better off with forced mergers. Based on reputation of servers to balance


If there is somewhere a nice region dont promote it here lol…it wont stay nice for much longer


No, all region filled with whales and eat all F2P, poor fact


Hart is like that for the most part, we just had some factions come over ( ruthless mayhem, new terminus, got your 6 and a few others, can’t remember their names) and they love it there.


yes they exist and meaning for nice can differ for everyone.
I can divide nice region in few categories.

First category - AAA

#Very Active(around 20 or 20+ active factions in every tourny ) + top4 whales(heavy spenders) faction+ few f2p and p2p mix factions
If you are willing to join very active regions ,there will be always spenders/whales and competition will be high.

#If you are going for rank between 1-3 in AAA category region your faction should be full of spenders.

#Territory -This is very important for every region, i will give a best example of territory arrangement happening in Albert region, yes again Albert region rocks,

We have a faction called Albert’s Armory made by few retired players or who don’t play much.
If you want to craft something just jumpin Albert’s armory craft your weapons and leave. that’s it.

Highly Recommended for top25 factions on league leader board who want very active region and going for 1-3 ranks and don’t want to wait long for search in war.

*Average Enemy Faction search time in war is around 4-5 minutes.

If your factions is mix of p2p and f2p you will be always below rank 4.

However Albert welcome everyone.

Examples of AAA regions- Albert

2. Category AA Regions

(at least 10-15 active factions in every tournaments.)

#Active (not very active) best for p2p and f2p mix factions and f2p players.
#Competition - you will find a very good healthy competition here.

Recommended for factions who don’t care much about rewards and want to enjoy game with their buddies. Just need some small push to make in top5.

#Territory- Almost same arrangement ,don’t stack too much and never leave it for walkers
but you will need to spend energies to capture it.
Examples - Schley,Worth(EN) etc

Not recommended for factions full of spenders they won’t see any competition here,very easy for them not worth for your premier toons.

3.Category A- Regions

#Active -atleast 10 active factions.
#competition- not much ,just few active members can make you in top5.
#Territory - same as AA Regions (most of the time).

Not recommended for spenders,highly recommended for players who want peace and no competition.

Examples- Lamar(not sure waiting for informations and will update soon).

Based on my research

Thanks. :wink:


Hall region is doing all these things. We do have a top faction that is ridiculous… But other factions are tired of them and improving. I see an upset in top faction ranks soon.


Go to lowndes. It’s dead now when the top players came and destroyed the seals.



Come to Rockdale we are nice and friendly top fractions are not mean!! Plenty of room most fractions we have a active and competitive


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