Does Magma Fit My team, Anniversary Pull


Hey Every one, Just got Magma 5* ascendable from the Anniversary pull.

Would like to know your opinion on how she fits in my team. My guess is that it fits quite well.
What MODS should I prepare for her?

Would this be a competitive team?

Final notes:
I still have yumiko ascendable leveling up
I have no decent Healer. Only 4*


replace Clem or Abraham with her and give her defense on mods and when you lvl up Yumiko you can use her on attack, since she has great utility


I’m Down on Legend coins… prolly can ascend one per month. Which one would you ascend first?
at the moment I have 150 coins.


in my opinion Yumiko has more utility at 5stars so keep her that way if you want. Abraham would be a good ascend, but if you dont have a team hes good in don`t do it now, so just go with the safe route, Magna


This is my best team at the moment, ive been playing for 2 months and a half and its doing pretty good for me. Its only S2+, but ive been able to beat S4,even S5 if i used my command and ARs in the right order


Yumiko 5* being very fast has huge utility. That’s a good idea.
I like ABE to help me clean some pesky Fast Toons.

Javier not worth considering?


Javi for the leadership is not bad, but you have to consider the AR. If you don`t mind losing the fast AR go for him


if Abraham helps you kill fast toons, then replace Clem with Magna or Yumiko. Clem is not that good if you think about it


Thanks WW. Wish I had Naya!

She’s a Badass powerhouse!
I think i’ll keep Javier as he is right now.
And depending on how fast I level up Magma.I’ll decide which one to Ascend.

I’m missing Night vision Gogles and AlpenStock. So it might take some time.


Damn bro magma on that team would be :fire:


i`m not the best to give advice, just saying what i think. I got lucky with that Naya pull, the only time i got lucky in this game, since then i got wreck on everything rng based


Might be aiming for this.


Unfortunately, Magma :fire: would cause 2,200 burn damage for 8 turns to all adjacent allies so no im not sure it is a good fit.


thats great but dont keep 2 of the same trait next to each other, place Aris between Magna and Yumiko


Not sure I understood what you are saying.


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I see what you did there.


i was talking about not having the same trait in a line so you dont take double trait dmg from a fast character, but then i saw that you have 3 blues so you cant prevent that, my bad


Your part I understood… I was talking about Mick.


Mick was talking about Magma, not Magna. I liked his post very much. ^^
(see Thread title again)