Does Lilith still drop with full roster?


Before the update, I was able to get Lilith to drop despite maxing out my roster space but since update, I have yet to get one Lilith drop. I was wondering if the update changed where I cannot get her due to a full roster? If that is the case then I would need to make adjustments to my roster space before spending world cans to try to get her. Thanks.


I was wondering this as well. Ive made adjustments just in case


I had no trouble with her dropping yesterday?

ETA: I have space in my roster today and got one on 13.4


I have yet to get a lilith from a stage and farmed like crazy to get her. I have been doing stages 12.1 12.2 12.3 and 13.3 and haven’t seen her once. Rng at its finest!


I’ve gotten her with a full roster, using salvage tokens on the last stage of 23


I’ve had plenty from 13.4. But dry lately tho


Thanks, just needed to see if anyone has gotten her with a full roster lately. I’ve tried doing all stages but it seems like many are getting her mostly in the last stage of 23.


if your roster is at max capacity, or even over, youll still be able to acquire her. shes the only one like that at this point and time.


I haven’t had one drop for months.


Man I always made sure I space when farming a lot. That helps a lot knowing I don’t have to