Does lacerator Shiva have any use anymore?

Got him from the premiere wheel, but never used him before.

Very useful for tough stages on hard/nightmare survival road.

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So he would benefit from hp mods on those stages?

still use him for onslaught within my bleed/lacerator/spread pain team, his 400 extra bleed is quite nice sometimes

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Very useful on faction assault as well


Her. Shiva is a girl
(That’s an exact quote from the comics, btw :slight_smile:)

But agree that she is a decent lacerator, especially if you got Raulito S-class with pain spread,


Thought Shiva was a male

Every lacerator has sudden value if you factor in the 25 bleed towers in the new war structure. Lol

You got a good pal, Shiva is still good, keeping her alive now is a bit of an issue if you wanted to war or raid with her, but in all other aspects of the game she is a good, Road Maps, FA, WM, SR, paired with another bleeder, the obivious being Raulito, but she would be good with Wangfa as well, even Hengyen would find having her around useful, and she would benifit Jason too. She ramps up the bleed really quickly.

Survival road and FA if you don’t have a lever for for Faction Assault then it makes it a lot hard to win.

She’s useless all 6* are useless now except for a few ones

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Until I got Aarav to Sclass, I would run an Alpha lead with Martinez for his lacerator. It was one of the few “all yellow” teams that I could put together to beat the nightmare SR levels.

If you have the items and trainers, you might find lacerator Shiva to be useful there.

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Squishy as a damn capoeira char in a fighting game

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