Does it seem possible to get a second s-class Priya with the time remaining?

I’m a just a mild spender but like damage toon mostly, I got pete and Priya but I wanna go for a second Priya but I’m afraid I won’t make it in time and ended up wasting collectibles, what dyall think considering the time left, the collectibles been given in events, torches etc?

I was confused who to get first so I made the mistake to collect each 5* version : raulito, laopo hengyen, that delayed me a bit to get my s-class

you mean in the 241 days left?

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There is still 241 out of 365 days of her collection left. That means there is still 66% of it left. Yes you have time. Plenty of time.


How did you get one s class priya… Oh right you pulled it.

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I focused on two toons laopo which I currently have S-Class and raulito which I am 160 of my second 5*.

Haven’t pulled her, just torches and events, I’m just a mild spender tho I just buy those cheap offers from time to time, do 10 pulls from time to time my biggest pull was 50 which I got nothing of value with it

How did u managed to get all 3?

I think you have plenty time. I’ve got Priya, Aarav and Pete at S-Class and Lapopo, Hengyen and Raultio all at 6 star level.

Key for me is to focus, but play smart. For example, if you spend (say) 500 bullets from choice boxes getting a Raulito but then cash in for 1,100 Cones from his collection it makes more sense than spending those 500 choice items toward Priya.

Personally, I’d prefer the diversity that the others offer. Aarav is a monster for example and offers something different to Priya.

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Choice boxes don’t expire.

If you’re not sure, keep them in the box until you have 10k. You’ll get there (almost) as quickly, can change plans, and won’t waste any from collections expiring.


So you only got 1 s class priya. How are you able to get a second one…

I know you can have 2 or even 3 s class petes if you wasted enough money (Scopely made him droppable in premier recruits when he first came out.

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You can get 2 S Class Priyas from the collection.

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Im pretty sure I was dumbfounded and high as a motherfucker. I only seen 4k ice creams and 2 priyas for a s class. My dumbass never paid attention to that --/4 number outside of the collection.

When I saw the --/2 I thought it meant something else.

Im probably gonna go for another raulito. No wonder it’s 4/4 recruits. Nah I’ll probably go for someone else. I wanna have at least 1 s class and 1 s class recruit.

The event ends in 20 days, that doesn’t answer the question if her timer is 300 days in museum , some kite collections still there. What we need to know is do we have to buy every offer or will she be available after the event for s class


Seems like u didn’t go for Priya? I don’t blame u many prefer raulito and laopo combo

Yea, plenty of time, should be more easy also with the rank rewards now, SR has them now for example. They need to give out more torchs. Can grind and get her. No spending for me and i have Pete, Priya, Heng Yen, close to Lao Po. Im not gonna focus on getting another Priya but even then i will prob get another one.

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How does that make any sense in this convo?

A lot of grinding

Sense is not a forum requirement

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