Does in game support reply on a bug on an event currently ongoing?


So I was looking forward to reaching the 500k mark and getting the wool hat and flak jacket. I’m fairly new, barely a month old, so I’m still lacking those things.

I was able to get my 5 star Victor to tier 3 when I noticed that, despite leveling him up again after that tier 3 upgrade, I wasn’t getting points despite using trainers. So I sent support a ticket, and went on my merry way, getting to 90k+ before I went to bed (thus was just after the solo level up event went live).

When I woke up this morning, I found out that support has reset all my toons’ levels/tiers to pre solo level up, but decided to retain my 90k+ score.

I was like, fine, maybe that’s a form of compensation. But, when I check my inventory, the equipment I used, to level toons up to tier 3 were no longer there.

So I contacted support again (they haven’t responded to me at all, Btw). I thanked them for the reset of my toons levels/tiers so that they can solve the bug, but they must have forgotten to give my equipment back.

and lo and behold, after a few minutes, instead of giving me my equipment back, they reset my score to zero!

so now, not only am I lacking equipment to upgrade toons to tier 3, but the equipment, trainers, food, toons pre trained in training camps prior to the event, “banked” ygl benefits, chances at hats and flaks and barbed wires for the Dwight event, and most of all, time spent, have all gone to waste!

I’m actually worse off. of course, I contacted them again in game, but I haven’t heard from them AT ALL. I have screenshots as proof, Btw.

I’m getting desperate. also, ygl is about to finish cooling down too.


The short answer= NOPE


Woah, that’s horrendous dude!


sorry, wrong images uploaded earlier. I’m still new to the forum. anyway… pre message to support when I found out they reset my toons


after messaging support about my equipment. they reset my score instead:


That is outlandish muffins, in game support are always just the so called cookie cutter responses. Have you tried @combatdevil or any other forum participating developer- support -engineer? Good luck


no, I haven’t. Tbh, I’ve been trying to figure out who to tag and how to tag. I haven’t gotten the hang of the forums yet.

also, here’s my latest screenshot of my score. not to mention, ygl is coming up in an hour or so ish. sighs


@kalishane @CombatDevIl help please?

this was my first message to in game support. a little over half an hour after the event started.