Does camps in war suddenly have.. Tenacity?


Has anyone notice camps that should be destroyed hanging on by a sliver that needs you to attack it again before you can destroy it?


It’s hows camps work so if everyone hit the camp and no toons die basically you need your team to be alive at the end then can don’t have tenacity
However ppl are developed differently so of one guy constantly surrvives with only one toon he will do 72 aka fk all so it really depend on who surrvives rather than actual dmg


yes this is a thing atm


It’s not just camps. It’s through the game, raids, survival road, etc. It’s cost me a few war losses due to 2-3 toons that never should have been able to get a hit in, but all got a turn anyway. It’s garbage, and frequently puts my phone at risk! Lol, but it’s not really funny, very frustrating!!


My theory: Stealth buff to defense. I just love when my s5 team can’s finish off a lower ranked team due to this “bug”. They all get one last shot in, all enemy AR trigger, and I am defeated by a team with combined health of less than 100hp. Super fun game play. /s

As far as it working both ways, my raid defends have gone down. And due to another gem of an update, I can no longer see the remaining hp of the attacking team so I have no idea how the team is doing or where the soft spot is. They all show zero health when I look at details. War defends have gone down, not sure what is going on there.


(Sidenote from everything above)
@Disillusioned Totally take advantage of “Friendly Duels” prior to war. It has helped sooo much its disgusting how useful this feature is. Have a couple teammates hit you 5 times each, maybe record it? It gives you lots of numbers to play with and its your teammates giving you real feedback. :slight_smile:

Sorry back to the main topic of the Thread. This whole tenacity thing whether it be a toon or war camp seems like a little thing… but is soooo impactful. Please fix this someone.


part of the “HP” bug


Have yet to come across camps being affected (I guess I’ve been lucky so far then?), but characters having that sliver of HP quite alot at least in war, outside of that, roadmaps not so much.


Actually, I think y’all getting your knickers in a twist for no reason.

1000 health taking 4 hits (5 manned) leaves 40 HP and so the sliver is totally to be expected. You’re just used to seeing that 40 HP as a longer bar. Camps still taking 5 hits to kill, as they have since war began.


Yep that’s what I’ve seen so far, war as normal there, and of course at times 6 hits to kill but yeah.


Yeah, well if you can’t five man them it’ll take more


I would never have guessed that the top left health bar represented 28% hp as it is about 1/6 of the entire bar. Maybe it actually" starts at the same pixel as the HP circle?

Either way, another fail. Keep trying Scopely!


Wait, so how is it another fail? It wasn’t working before - as can be seen in your screenshot where 20% HP is filling maybe 25 - 30% of the bar. Now it’s more accurate, just happens that it is pretty normal for camps to go down to such low health that it almost appears as they have nothing.


First of all i am speaking of the TOP LEFT bar. Thats a 15% sliver representing 28% HP incase you have no ruler at hand. Im just putting it up for the record in the “thread about crappy HP-bars”. No matter if old or new, its still bad GUI that shouldn´t really take much effort to adjust.


True. But it’s also a pre-9.3 screenshot is it not? So, how do you know it isn’t fixed along with the other health bar shenanigans


No it is not, SS is from the last blitz March 22:nd and as you can see I have the blue romanov leader as my profile toon, but I run a melee S5+ team in defense.


Scopely is obviously screwing with the system like they have bin durning crw by boosting up defending teams def and lowering ur attacks so it makes u loose more match’s so u ultimately have to use more fills I mean look at the 5* boost of michonne every war they boost the hell out of it and makes her take way more hits scopely quit being greedy and put it back to the way it was before u started screwing with it its ruining the game


Reminds me of the 1 second of invincibility that fortnite scrubs get when i knock them out… effin invincibility so i cant instakill them


I’m not getting my panties in a knot, I don’t wear underwear… I don’t read war log so I’m not aware of how many people attacked. Do you know what I meant with sliver? There’s the tiniest amount left it doesn’t show how much but it kept doing that to all the camps. Everyone noticed it. I wasn’t aware it was affecting war camp hp bars either. Regardless it was annoying and confusing at the very least


Whilst it’s not an S.I unit of measurement, I am indeed fully aware of what a sliver is. I’m also aware of exactly what it is you’re saying because I’ve seen it myself.

What I’m saying is that it is just a visual effect of the changes to the HP bar in the 9.3 update. I don’t disagree it’s annoying, I don’t disagree it’s confusing. I just disagree it is having any affect on the number of hits a war camp is taking to destroy - it’s still at least five. And as always, after four 5 manned hits, camps are left with 40/1000 health which, following the changes to the bar, is a confusing an tiny sliver much smaller than it used to be.