Does Asolute Defence stop a rush?


There are many topics on that area, but I haven’t found clear answer - will regular AR be blocked by AR? What is counted here as first - damage or effect of AR? Would appreciate explanation. Thanks!


If it is an AR consisting of basic attacks (Dwight/Michonne/Bruce/etc) then yes it can stop the rush.


Ok, thank you. Thats about white Shiva, all clear.

So what if we pick regular AR, like say … green Shiva, which says: “Chaotic Mauling: Deal 550% damage to one enemy. Up to 2 enemies get confuse for 2 turns.” - does damage happens first or effect? Will it be blocked by AD? The confuse part especially interest me here.


Nope, Abs won’t block it :+1:


Kind thanks :slight_smile:


How about effect from stun weapon? It says “stun when attacking”, nothing about dmg


If AD blocks the attack it will also block the ‘possible’ stun.


ABS Def will not stop a disarm characters rush. because those characters speciality skill trumps everything atm. the only rushes ab will block are the ones that do multi basic attacks that do not have disarm as their speciality skill. (Dwight, Red sandy for examples).


If you are using Green Shiva, it’s best just to use her active of stun on turn 2 if there is no stun resist mod equipped on the Abs toon


While Absolute Defence will stop a “double attack” rush like White Shiva’s, it doesn’t stop additional effects that occur in conjunction with the rush UNLESS they are dependent on doing damage to trigger. For example with White Shiva, her bleed and lacerate WILL still trigger even if absolute defence prevents the damage so sometimes it might be worthwhile to do it anyway. Also double attack rushes might get abs defended on one attack and not the other. Stun is more the killer of double attack rushes as if the toon is stunned off the first attack, they won’t get to hit again AND remain stunned.


Absolute defense can’t block disarming toon AR even if it it two basic attacks


You’re right, my bad


To block rushes you need to have ABSOLUTE Absolute Defense, need to craft abs. def. 2x in a row on a weapon to obtain it (only once on default absolute defense weapons).


Absolute absolute??? Us that really possible? Does anyone have this? I d9nt have a toon with abs def default weapon so I won’t know. Love to see a SS of it.


He’s pulling your leg


Can confirm, this is what my Jesus shield has. Regular attack, ARs, whatever, all result in 0 damage.


I am sure that is not like you say.
I have an all green attack team with 5 stun weapons and even if AD triggers you can stun the character.
AD can block damage, but not the effects the weapons can trigger.
At least is what I see when I am attacking.
And sorry for my English.


I would shit myself.
If it’s blue six star Dwight or someone similar then that’s understandable


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