Does AP on taking damage stack?


Hey, so let’s take a leader with Huge bonus to AP on taking damage and give him weapon that does exactly the same thing - how does it stack? Are there some separate switches like for reflect damage on weapon and mod? Does it muitlply, sum or how? Would appreciate explanation, working on utilizing this in Defense team. Thanks!


Yes they both stack its really good if you had a huge bonus to ap when attacking with a huge bonus to ap when taking damage lead its kinda op with a command


They stack same as how AP on attack stacks. However, I disagree with Metal’s opinion that AP on defend is good, I think it actually makes things worse. It just makes it easier to control the defense’s AR since a single neutralize is all it takes.


That used to be an easy way, but with impair resist now you never know


My main team is a melee Garrett lead and Glenn runs Dwight’s Staff. I’ve seen that AP go up tremendously when he takes a modest amount of damage. But yeah, having an attacking AP weapon would be better instead of stacking damage AP.


Are leaders with AP on dmg used in what you might call “good defense” team? This whole idea of boosting HP rather than DEF to get more AP (use leader skill efficiently) makes it all very tricky. All Berserkers & Tanks :wink: ?


I didnt mean for defense i was talking offense for me at least i can 1 turn carl behind a eugene lead.


There is a static calculation for AP on atk… the defending team also gets an AP bonus for 2nd turn disadvantage… so back in the day u could essentially get 45ar toons to fire 2nd turn… now turn 3 is where 6* currently fire usually.

AP on def does stack… also ap on def is based on dmg taken… so that’s why hp is better than def if ur lookin to gain ap when being hit.



This used to stack really well with low defense/high hp and when taking damage.Lower Defense seems to trigger more ap gain.I did this all the time in the Epic Era


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