Does anyone think they have shown change?

In my opinion, nothing scopely has done has shown any real compensation or change in the way they treat the players. The coins and reward for using them is a joke, they can only seem to load p2p content when they say they will and our game is still full of p2p toons. Curious as to how everyone else feels. I still say they need to do more. What about you?


Yes they have shown change.
To the worse.
As expected.


If we go by what they have said within the next 2 months we will find out if they are willing to change. I’m hopeful that the game can change for the better.


No. 7 characters


If they were smart, they would release those 3 legacies as OP. Characters that can compete with Dr. Steven’s, elle, and payback. Then start releasing new OP p2p toons. Spenders are going to spend. But they are losing there base of players.


It shows more than ever between now and the said date all the pay events that had planned.

It was never towards ftp or casual play.

Bogus company.
It says 30-60 days.
In scopley terms it’s saying they want the time to squash all the bad publicity and hope by adding coins they can silence us.
1250 coins makes me louder.

No they haven’t changed.
They won’t till people stop spending money or coins.


Nope, they have failed on every simple commitment they have made since the “apology” post, as well as implementing more stupid museum collections and roadmaps, that in typical Scopely fashion, they have yet to even fully explain.

Oh yeah, and it’s still impossible for most people to complete the Survivor’s Club missions that they are actually paying extra for. That’s just a mind boggling “feature” that I sure won’t miss when my sub runs out.

And didn’t a “CM” throw a tantrum and leave the “official” line group?

Lol yeah, not only have they not shown change, they have doubled down on the “take what we give you and ■■■■■■■ like it you pathetic pieces of shit” customer service model.


Did you read the post about the update? They listed the changes going forward and gave a time line of 30-60 days. So to answer your question, no… but even scopely is acknowledging that.

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Still too early. Give them some time. Probably wont see any changes until next season.


We’ve had how many fk ups days in a row now? Wonder what’s on the plate tomorrow. Wish they did messed up on the free coins to alt regions. That I was hoping for.

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True they did say 30-60 days. But they could of done something now to show us that they mean to change. 1250 coins?? Lmao they even managed to screw that up :joy::joy::joy:


Just a slight delay lol. But yea, that didn’t make them look any better.

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Albert’s letter made most of the very same promises. That was well over a year ago, they have had long enough to get their shit together. The fact that they haven’t even acknowledged that they tried this same song and dance once before is enough to tell me it’s not sincere this time either.

This is how it will go, right about the time frame they have announced, 30 days or whatever, they will out of the blue announce the current CM’s are being “promoted” and they will be shipped off to pancake land or wherever and then we will have new CM’s who “need a little time to get their bearings” so they will extend their time frame another month that way. Then they will release a legacy, and maybe even a single event that isn’t a total clusterf@#%.

By this point a few months will have gone by, and then you will see them not so slowly go right back to their old ways.

Six months from now we will be right back where we were 2 weeks ago. They want to sell op toons and not give a crap about ftp. They want S class to be the new norm and don’t give a crap about your current roster, no matter how much you’ve spent to build it.

They will get what they want, this bullshit lipservice just delays that a few months.


I have doubts they will ever change. Im still disappointed about not getting any compensation for the 3,5 days lockout during last war. Only the crappy compensation they gave everyone before putting out a quickfix that locked us out.


They could make changes today if they wanted to


They don’t need 30-60 days to not go live with p2p roadmaps.
They don’t need 30-60 days to not add the most convoluted museum collection is gaming history
They don’t need 30-60 days to remove the stupid corkscrew/plush monkey system
They don’t need 30-60 days to give proper compensation for their daily screw ups
They can do all of that right now.
But they simply don’t care


Yeah… like that’s gonna happen!
We’ll see posts like this one for the 30-60 days, on a 2 days regular basis.
Because that’s what this community does. We were all united and started asking for improvements, but when a time frame and a plan are in place, we’re not united anymore and want it all in the blink of an eye.
Now, everybody’s complaining about the 1250 coins and the mission for those coins! DUDE, no one is forcing you to spend them! You can keep them! And if you do, why complain?! When has Scopely just gave players (free) coins?! Had those coins been 12.5k, and these topics would have still emerged…


You think they are going to stop giving out P2P roadmaps even with their promises? Again, unrealistic.

I’m sure their investors would be happy with that. If everyone is expecting them to all of a sudden stop pumping out promos and P2P content, you will be sadly mistaken. All they will do is increase the f2p content.


They need to level the playing field asap or they may as well shut it down and move on