Does anyone know what the war prizes are?


Does anyone already have the 5 * what will be the war prizes? From first to third place. Referring to weekend war.

@kalishane will you already know? :upside_down_face:

Alguém já tem os 5* que serão os prêmios de guerra? Desde o primeiro até o terceiro colocado. Referente a guerra do fim de semana.

@kalishane será que você já sabe? :upside_down_face:


Could we at least get 5k 5* tokens and 100 lucille tokens for 1st?


I think Lucille’s chips are supposed to come in a fair amount, but I doubt that will happen.


Last war was one and a half epic for first if my memory card working properly :slight_smile: so I predict prize structure like this:

  1. Vernon and 7,500 tokens
  2. All out war negan
  3. Konrad
    What they should look like
    1 Ascendable premier recruit + gear bag with radio/watch + x2 ascendancy needed gear bag
    2 Ascendable Eugene +radio/watch + ascnedany needed gear bag
    3 15k tokens and ascendancy needed gear
    Add some Lucile tokens, trainers in milestones and enjoy a war full of revenue scops


Going by the tracker 1st to 3rd place will be a 5* character. My guess is you’ll have to wait for VK to find out who and if it turns out those places share the same character with varying under rewards like the recent CRW.


They can keep the Lucille chips, there is too much trash on that wheel.


Well I wanted to see here the prizes first, since the were was company, but sometimes I understand that maybe not time, unfortunately. But it is not hard to wait.


Top 3 get three epic crates with a chance at 10 HP replenished, two burts, and a shirt and gloves set. All other ranks get a crate with a chance at getting 4* Lori and 10 supply points. :wink:


Milestones I believe


I wouldn’t be surprised if the top 3 factions get the same 5* recruit, which will be a [predictably] bad decision on Scopely’s end. I thought winning first place was supposed to result in a perceived advantage or at least offer better rewards than an extra piece of random gear and a Ulysses.


I expect them to. Though the only way I will be effected is if they choose to make that character ascendable and who it is I still understand that being too similar just defeats the point of competition, especially a tournament as dependent on competition as war.


Hopefully the prizes will be decent or Priya and Konrad will promptly be trotted out again for Premiere toons.


My faction will win first, I’d be happier with tier 4 gear and lilliths than getting a better overall 5* than second. After all 6* is the game now. That said, I’m sure we will get both a better 5* and more gear/trainers


I hope so but they won’t give us those T4 gear for now. They are not yet ready here.


1st place Caroline
2nd place Skylar
3rd 3* Dale (but dont worry he can be ascended to a 4*)
4th-10th-50 plastic pieces
11-50th-smelling salt and a crate consisting of 1* Nancy, or *1 Ethel

Keep on surviving.


Finally some prizes worth playing for.


Hell no wtf, thats bad. 20k+ tokens and some 6* tier 4 gear.