Does anyone know what the next premier toon is ( might look like )?

I don’t know to do a pull or not and I remember their being a bunch of pictures of charcther designs that had pics of wayland and all 3 15th birthday ricks. Can’t find the post anywhere and wanted to know if any other toon pics were in the post.

I hope its legacy not another super op p2w character.

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well there is the rose leak on vk

What rose leak?

What’s vk

it was shown the same time as we saw the duane six star in vk

here the screen shot of it she is on the list

Oh it’s a older leak thought there was a new one

could still be coming out soon

Hopefully keeps 60-60 debuff

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Does Rose still have the police badge.
Couldn’t see it there…if not it’s a shame…

The next promo is a blue morgan

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