Does anyone know the upcoming solo sr rewards yet?


Any info would be great and thanks in advance. :slight_smile:



Wish they would change up the Ulysses to something else once in a while. Be nice if they put bennys in there instead occasionally.


Cookie cutter rewards = trash


At least it is 43 hours, 180 natural energy total, so easy to finish without energy cans while getting some sleep in.


Can u see what the next promo is?


Hershel (guardian)


@kalishane we need silver medals please. for Ascendance 5->6* and 4->5*
it’s more complex now to catch glenn, for exemple. We need between 7 and 10 events with medals.

please don’t talk about eggs, because we all try to catch tier 4 gear :wink:


for level ups it help when launch scavengers.
for rts, you know when it begins. So you know if you have to go to sleep or not, etc…


No way I need this information to post to my faction if they never received any information of events from me they would schedule other things in their world that they would miss out on from the game I’ve seen him before I let everybody know now what’s coming besides I need my faction mates to get stronger they better be participating and every damn event especially a free one who the hell can complain


Does anyone have the start time?


5:00 PM EST


Sorry man, I gotta ask, did you add lol at the end of your sentence because you believed you had posted something genuinely funny?


They need to diversify these SR completion rewards. This is the same shit over and over again


I think I’m gonna phone it in and go for top 200 and take a break. Tired of doing the same thing over and over again. Don’t need the eggs at all. No one needs 5-star tokens except for @Verdeiwsp . Still, don’t understand why they give food bags out. It’s barely enough to get a few levels out of any high t3 or t4 toons. Gear makers would be so much more useful.



not just survival rd. every tourney is the same sh*t. literally just swap out eggs over badges. next month eggs will be replaced with x. month after x will be with y. this game needs a massive overhaul


Am so tired of the same rewards for every event.


I want the 5* tokens.


Anyone know when they’ll fix the Sr tourney bug that lets a Walker reflect damage on a max tier 3 legendary killing them in a single hit?


It’s not a bug.