Does anyone know the two characters for season 2 yet or no

i just wanted to know i heard rumors about tara

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Voila. TBDeez


The first one has nothing to do with league it says road to survival #1 not league season 2 :joy:
But yes tara is a definitely in season 2


The first one is Camila. See: diamond league knife.


True that, and i could be wrong but i feel like she might be a promo cause you see the 1 by her name it should be a 2 if it was season 2
But like i said i could be wrong

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All that info could just be placeholder material. I don’t put it passed them to release two yellow Camila’s though. 1 in the league store, and the other as the premier version :rofl:

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And you could be totally right and i could be wrong or vise versa just giving my opinion, but thanks for posting tara i was looking for her and could not find it :heart:

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Same here mate. Not about right or wrong. Just trying to answer the request to the best of my knowledge.

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I’ll bet you a grenade and smelling salt that it is. I’ll even throw in a baling wire and emery board. :wink:



3* Dale, and a couple 4*s boom. Disappointing huh…

I hope Camila is there and i hope she’s a command and i hope Tara is a guardian. Tara is a very good person in the comics

I have 6k league tokens left, should I buy Ezekiels smg or priya?

Neither. Save them till the next league season store


Thanks! What about mira? She worth the 25k?

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If you only have 6k…it doesn’t really matter if Mira is worth 25k because she will be long gone before you gain another 19k…

The only way you would be able to get her would be to pump out 19k worth of the tokens through season 2’s milestones in the next 6 days (not really feasible)

Yes Mira is worth it

3* Amy.

What characters would work best with mirabelle?

I run this as my main attack team now. It works brilliantly against Lydia-type teams. Win probably 50% more battles on teams I used to time out on.

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