Does anyone know the next purchase in line?


Anyone know what the next offer brings?


Love to see the full sequence …


It’s sadness followed by depression, regret, anger and dissatisfaction.


That’s a free offer scopely gives to players daily though


Don’t forget Shame and confusion, you totally left out shame, and confusion.



You need 1100 bandages to get him


Next one after 27.99 prob about 80 bucks.


910 dont need all 3 of the third

the offer go as such, 4.99 19.99 29.99 49.99

150 , 175 , 200, 225 scraps. Then if you buy supreme crates at 500 coin per need 7, so 3500 coin.

So he is attainable for less than $150, plus you get all the gear trainers and 5 gold mods to get him to t3 legendary.

I skipped but its halfway decent as any spender would admit.


3500 coins? I don’t think so


If you buy all the offers yes…how i described it. i gave a final price of roughly $150


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