Does anyone know how pain spread works with bleed?

I get the basic concept. You hit an enemy with a debuff & it shares it to an adjacent character.

Say I have Raulito lead, the other team starts with 600 bleed for 3 turns. If I hit someone with pain spread what happens exactly.

If Raulito‘s weapon has Pain Spread it should apply first after his rush, and not already before the first turn when the 600 bleed are shared. But not sure about the scenario when he has a bleed mod equipped.

i have raulito and jiafeng with pain spread and it works like that (i use this combi for onslaught)

raulito give 600 bleed to everyone (i assume no resis)

when i now hit a char in first round with jiafeng the 600 bleed from the attacked char " jumps" to another char nearby, gave him 1200 bleed, for the first round, this 1200 is 600 again after this round.

the spread is activated before jiafengs other bonus like the 500 bleed bonus, so the char attaked by jiafeng has 600 bleed, doubled by her Lacerator 1200, plus the 500 bonus from weapon, ending up in 1700 first round.

So it spreads the bleed amount for 1 turn?


if the char attaked has blood 1500 from raulitos rush, it would spread this 1500

so pain spread the debuff on the attaked char jus for one round, plz be aware when there are mutiple debuffs like beheading or somthing like that, you cannot say which debuff is spreaded.


I wonder if you can use the Danage over time +1 craft to further it.

i hope i get the question right, but yes u can, i have 2 chars with pain spread, one of them is jiafeng

raulito lead, all chars 600 bleed, to keep it simple i assume jumping from A to B to C

A 600 B 600 C 600
attack A with pain spread
A 600 B 1200 C600
attack B with Jiafeng also with pain spread
A 600 B 2900 (1200 doubled plus Bonus from Weapon) C 1800 ( 600 plus the 1200 from B)

so the actual bleeding after first round is quit really good. with more lecerators hitting again on B and C u can go for huge amount of damage, killing reviver or shields first round in onslaught

if u mean the bleed which is increasing by 150 per turn (from jiafengs rush for example) i cant tell you because mostly there are more debuffs on the run than bleeding


I wonder if

Would increase the duration of pain spread.

good question but i dont think so, i think it will adopt to the base bleed in my examples, so the base 600 bleed will increase von 3 turns to 4 turns, but not the 1 turn 1200 bleed spread (just my guess)

basicly the 1200 bleed consists of an 3 round 600 bleed plus a 1 round 600 bleed from the painspread, for sure, would be interesting in a longer battle when u spread a bleed like 4,5k or somthing like that

i from germany and the german translation sounds like it will adopt to ALL damage over time effects, so in this case the answer should be YES!?

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Logic says yes, if you attack the toon the bleed has spread to, which would then let you lacerate and spread it the following turn. But Earl will see what you’re planning and just forever screw you over :sleepy:

Edit - note it doesn’t become a chain as on the second turn you have to choose to extend the first spread or the second spread

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Here the english description - showing that effects are being extended - I would also conclude this will extend all

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