Does anyone have an updated Calendar

Hi just wondering if anyone has heard if we will get war this weekend?


Should be CRW.

Should be…

But you never know.


I hope it’s war with winter tokens before they finish

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ist thursday the 3.january… still no update,… :-/

Same wondering

Jb confirmed crw on line

Pictures or it didn’t happen…fake news :wink:

The Calendar update is on route :slight_smile:


Crw is affirmative for this weekend…

From discord chat

If crw is confirmed will we get free mod removal this week. Didn’t have one last month @JB.Scopely

A good skeptic would say the affirmative was in reply to the “we have no clue” post directly above.


I was thinking the same thing @oldbreed


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I’d like to know the prizes too. I wanted to go all out on one more war weekend before saying my final goodbyes. If the prizes are trash then I’ll get an early start on my final vacation.

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