Does anyone else miss the old game play?

As I was being auto played with out selecting auto play, I got to thinking and missing the golden days of the yesteryear. Like how you could control the game instead of it controlling you.
Gone are the days of raiding were you could attack and then get hit and attack again. Gone are the days of just stuff being hard to complete but nonetheless completable. Ah if only they had never put people in buckets with the majority being empty or if only they didn’t wipe out complete characters and teams with reset after reset.
Now it’s pretty much hit the raid button and all the effects take place taking over the game putting you into a loop of being stunned, confused, whatever!
:thinking: :thought_balloon: :pensive:


I think it was just as bad then. Without mods there was no chance against toons like priya and the like. And even back towards the LE Negan times turn 1 teams just kinda made defending near impossible. You also had the 4 Andrea’s 1 lee. So raiding metas have always had issues

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I’d rather die instantly to 4 andras than have to wait for the timer to run out with 2 petes


But you quit. It shouldnt effect you anymore. In fact, I should be complaining because I have no premium toons to have efficient ways to get through pete teams. But I do it anyway.

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damn the game has become harder for a f2p with so many S class on def :frowning:


Yup! This war has been a wall, very few can hit my team but i cant kill much either, it is wall teams all over again almost, ive fought facs where we both sit for the hour not being able to kill each other. After this war i am going to redo my teams but not much can be done, we need s class attackers. I need that Heng Yen!

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Should have never released Christa/James and Kapoor, they ruined it.

That’s what I said back then. With these toons being available to literally everybody, the balance took a huge hit again.

Raids (and war battles) are a pain, Hordes are horrible, and leveling up these toons s*cks big time.

Scopely doesn’t think this through, they rather chase the big bucks.

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Totally. They widened the gap, made same-level matchups a pain, and have destroyeds the little sense that the Sclass transition made. (Which, at the time, I wasn’t a fan of, but in retrospect absolutely could have worked.)

The number of people who think this was a good thing and want more of it is absolutely baffling to me.