Does anyone else feel like they are going through 6 star gear super fast?

Okay it’s no secret this came up but we really need more gear for F2P i was thinking if they would remove coins atleast raise the amount of gear tokens we can get by 30% or whatever or just make gear a bit cheaper or start a museum event? Idk whats your guy’s idea’s?


This is the plan. They assume everyone will just pay for the gear once their surplus runs dry. They know the league store and the ones we get from war are not enough.

I seriously doubt we will ever see a museum event like the first two ever again.


'member when we were promised 6* gear maps LAST YEAR when they launched 6* character reset crap? I 'member…


Its not just f2p its everyone. Id still like to see how much league tokens were increased by when taking our coins. Jb stated they took coins and gave us more tokens for gear. Except 2 things 1 we still are only able go obtain the same amount of gear as before without using coins ti refresh, and they added more special gear for the characters available.
We have gotten tons of new toons in past few months which is great but very few have gear to level them so they are useless.

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Just be super choosy on the people you paid for or spent time on to ascend and gear up because that is fun…

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Thing is, there are nowhere near the volume of offers required to actually legitimately make that work. Not that I’m spending a dime on any gear which should be easily obtainable, I still don’t think that there are enough offers to be a viable replacement.

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Maybe but all I know is that there are offers from $8 all the way up to $100 that contain gear with various amounts and they pop up throughout the day. Someone has to be buying these otherwise they wouldn’t keep offering them.

The other thing JB said is that they expect us to get most of our gear from the league store but at the prices they set with the amount given it’s impossible to maintain a supply this way either.

We need them to bring back the original gear museum collection at least once every couple of months or maybe introduce that 6-star gear roadmap that was promised from the start. All I know is when I’m out of gear and trainers I’m done.

They should just get rid of the cap in league store if they aren’t gonna give us the gear maps.


Unpopular opinion: The whole purpose of gear is to slow down progress. The game feels stale when you have little to work towards and little sense of improving. Gear that’s widely available is just added bureaucracy over not requiring gear in the first place. Compared to other games that have a similar mechanic, RTS is relatively generous with gear you can get for free.

Probably more popular opinion: The way it’s handled right now subjectively feels very bad. People don’t like to feel bad when doing something for fun.

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Yes but we now have 3 weeks off woo hoo

They way gear items work, it is supposed to be easy to bottle neck things. From Flak Jackets and Beanies, right up to Canteens and GPS, there are items which provide an easy throttle to limit the players from progressing too quickly. However, largely speaking, people are now finding it isn’t the top items (i.e. Canteen and GPS) which are causing the bottle neck. It is often lower level items that are needed in high quantities. Ultra Rare gear specifically is causing problems because it is used so much in taking an ascendable through both 5 and 6 star forms.

Scopely need to sort it out because they are throttling too much. They shouldn’t be flooding the place with Canteen’s and GPS, nor should other gear become available in great swathes. But people shouldn’t be scoring 2 or 3 sets of Canteent/GPS from CRW and not be able to use them.

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The worse thing about those 8$ offers? They have 5 pieces…not 6 which would be what you need but 5…they even leave you to have to buy more even from the offers they give from sucking the gear dry.


True. Even when they get some people to part with their hard earned money it’s still not enough. Always leaving you short and the chances to rng.

That would assume we have the gear in the first place

I spend but havent seen any actual decent gear offers its not just a issue f2p is having its the whole game base.

It’s funny how I got over 50 of radios and watches but lack everything else… :slight_smile:


Exactly. Those should be the throttle, but its not. Its Tripods, Gauntlets etc because Scopley have cocked up the balance.


here is already desert, i miss museum gear events


I was going through a lot of gear but now I have 3 weeks off LU ty Scopely he he

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