Does anybody know what this is? Can close this now

First time I’ve noticed this. It pops up if your faction has the Crit territories and you’re crafting a weapon in the armory, and you happen to click on the tiny icon.

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Yeah, no … I get that. I’ve seen the icons before, just never tried to click on them I guess lol. Wondering what the box will show us once it’s properly coded

It’s also a REALLY important mod that I’m working on … so if there was any kind of hint regarding the weapon hitting a Critical Succes, I would definitely want to know

Ahh ok. Thanks.

It shows when you start your weapon with a territory and lose it for whatever reason. Once you regain the territory it will go back to normal. Or in some cases improve. An example is I started a sword with only one of the critical chance plots (15%) and later got both of them (30%) and the latter is what showed.

I see … that’s cool I guess. It should probably always show you the percentage bonus that you had when you started the mod, since that’s the only one that counts I thought

It supports the theory that you must start and claim your weapon with the territory to gain the bonus

@kalishane, question was answered. You can close thread if you like. Thanks!