Does anybody have the life and death maggie 6 star leaked?

i just wanted to see

We don’t have it


Probably lose command

If she gains a good lead skill or better specialist skill, I’ll be happy.


Love that Active Skill lmao😂

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thanks i just needed stats

That’s just a fan interpretation, we don’t know what her true stats will be like until the time comes.

Worse much worse🤗

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Hopefully she will get payback


Be careful what you wish for, most have multiples of her, sounds like a terrible idea to me…

Hope she keeps command. For those that missed out on nik

I’d like Execution or a huge AP gain leader skill

I know ppl gonna hate me but maybe
We should release ramanov first so we get a decap
Maggie could also become her pre realesed 5* state imo
Another words she rev and gives def buff
And is a command ( this version exists but is buried on vk somewhere and I can’t be arsed to go digging good news I have discord so ill have this version to show in about 2 mins

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The rush is incorrect, her rush is a single target 700% damage and 3 teammates get +30% bonus HP, something like that as a 6* wouldn’t be too bad, single target rushers are something that we’re badly missing.

Thats what she was gonna do I did say this was pre realese is what she ended up as
The 70o% is what she ended up as
When realesed for crw she was in game a year before her original realese