Does AI stand for Artificial Incompetence?

Soo, over time, I’ve seen my toons applying a single-target taunt on an already taunted toon, applying a two-turn taunt on a two-turn stunned toon, waste their heal active/rush if suffering from a 2-turn heal reduction and more and more.

Some could be written off as “well, in case a debuff is cleansed later” or stacking of buffs / debuffs to trigger some of the epic weappn slots (that haven’t been in existence when the idiotic AI choices started to appear), but all in all the coding really doesn’t warrant “I” to stand for “intelligence” - unless the “A” would have stood for “absent”.

What I saw today is easily replicable, but totally non-understandable and inexcusable… Yellow governor (rush loop with slowing the opponent team) and command.
Slow doesn’t stack, but just because he gets 100% AP from his own rush while none of his other teammates has maxed adrenaline, the commander thinks it would be great firing off his rush once more… you know, for good measure and to ensure that enemies can’t be slowed the turn after.
I just wonder if a weak T1 exhaust that would have only half-killed the Gov would be still a good idea for the commander to rush him to his death…

Post your own examples of mind-boggling AI choices and vote for the best description of the AI acronym!

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Intelligence
  • Absent Intelligence
  • Anti-Intelligence
  • Artificial Incompetence
  • Anticipated Incompetence
  • Absolute Incompetence
  • Abnormal Irresponsibility
  • All in

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I used to laugh so hard when I came across that Gov combined woth a command toon. Absolutely useless.


There’s absolutely no intelligence involved in the code of this game.
They call it AI, but I bet everything’s hard coded. If this than that.

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Indeed. The devs screw shit up. A LOT. But they(scopely) have zero incentive to change that. Ppl are still droppin truckloads on jackis, traders, and michonnes. If ppl are willing to pay top dollar for bottom feeder, broken code, why hire better devs?


Title cracked me up :+1:

That’s why the poll is here for - reach a consensus on what this “AI” stands for… :slight_smile:

But your impression of “hard coded” might be half-true. I think it’s 100% RNG after a couple of simple rules:

  1. if you have full AP, rush (except if rush doesn’t deal any damage and there are no valid targets for the statuses to be applied)
  2. if you can use active, do (except if there are no valid targets for the statuses to be applied / AP gain blocked by impair)
  3. if you are a (non-normalized) specialist that triggers action with defense, defend:
  • human shield always defends
  • bide will defend when stored damage can kill a toon (without guardian shield), pick target at random
  • command will defend immediately after a toon has gained full AP and can rush (i.e. deal dmg [regardless of GS] or apply status to at least 1 valid targwt)
  1. if none of the above used up your action, attack
  • at random
  • with slight trait and low HP/def preference
  • beheading/execution will target a toon with <20% HP
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I definitely like Absolute Incompetence

It can’t be AI. AI would induce the combat system to adapt over time as it learns. It’s just a set of rules.

You can tell this, for example, from the fact that toons rush on toons protected by guardian shield. Intelligent behaviour would be: remove the shield with another toon and then rush.

So case is clear, AI stands for Amateurishly Implemented.

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They tried a smarter ai before but everyone got pissed off because it made things a lot harder.


Pick toon with lowest def/hp and dogpile is not smart…

Because AIs are linear. They calculate not think. When you don’t have skilled programmers (who have learned this not just basics) who can write algorithms for such AI it will always turn out pretty stupid at the end.

There are enough frameworks around AI to do the work for you. Not much skill required, but understanding.

Looks like we have some top quality programmers, developers, and coders right here in these forums.

Maybe some of these high level programmers we have here in the forums could write code to make the AI smarter in their spare time. That would be pretty awesome.

Someone else on this thread hit it right on the head. They implemented a smarter way I before and people lost their minds. Threat after threat of people complaining that they couldn’t win a match. So be careful what you ask for because history does have a tendency to repeat itself. You get what you want and the next thread will be asking to change it back.

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Nah, just interested in this topic. Although I have a diploma from Stanford (no joke) in Computer Science but only basic courses. Also I would never do work for this company that has made millions and actually could pay good money for this type of work to their employees.

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