Does 4 stars ascending will become 5 stars with option for 6?


As the title, if I ascend 4 star character, it will become 5 star with option for 6 stars?



Ascending a 4* will yield a 5* of the same color.
Example, ascending a red 4* will make a 5*.

Now whether that 5* is ascendable is not guaranteed but there is a chance for it. For example, ascending a blue 4* can yield 5* eric (a blue ascendable 5*).

I dont have a list on hand atm but i would say the most notable ascendables are red donnie and blue eric. Both are excellent ftp leads.



Chance at a ascendable but not Garanteed.

When ascending a 4s you are Garanteed the same trait (color) as the 4s being ascended but the actual card picked from thst trait pool is random.



4* -> 5* = Random 5* character of same Trait

5* -> 6* = Legendary version of same character

Edit: @Danielk - this full list of possible outcomes are here: Wheel / Character Pool Updates
Not sure if it was updated along with recent wheel/list updates, but it will only have been added to so the list linked will be the minimum obtainable.



Another notable ascendable available - as far as I know - ONLY via ascension of a blue 4* is blue Command Siddiq. He may be an older toon, but he’s still the only FTP ranged command and very handy to have in your arsenal - active confuse and a nice AP boost on his rush is gold.



I have to agree with most of what you posted. Siddiq is definitely useful with the AR giving AP boost and the command. The confuse is nice as it can be used round 2 to stop one character for 2 turns-often just long enough to take them out or stun them with another character.

I got mine through ascension, but not sure if that is the only way to get him, so that’s why I said “most”. Can anyone confirm if Siddiq is only available via ascending?