Document leak shows AI employed to spy on, manipulate, and practically force customers into spending

Given all the recent discussions here lately about individual pull odds, users saying it was impossible, it was a conspiracy theory, etc. I figured this would be an interesting thing for everyone to see. Basically this details a presentation explaining how a company is currently employing AI, voice recognition, etc. to tailor in game experience. For example, the machine began targeting women during their menstrual cycle(it’s able to tell when this is happening due to voice changes) and began to up charge them. This is some wild shit and a big must read.

My post is not an endorsement of the content of the leaked thread. I know way too little about all of this to be an informed opinion. Read it for yourself and let me know what you think.


This is some very unethical stuff

What a fascinating read.



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Dopest margins ever

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EA is filing 2 patents similar to what is shown above.

One patent describes making the game easier if players are having difficulty, while making the game harder if the players are costing through. It’s likely targeted more towards PvE modes in games, but there’s no mention of micro-transactions with this patent because it seems to be adjusting the AI, rather than adjusting the player. (Some of the pictures in the album looks stupidly unbelievable, like the picture showing Anthem as an example. Any AAA game that features micro-transactions like that in a PvE mode is beyond stupid and open to mass ridicule. If anything, those pictures makes it look more like it’s a hacking program for hackers.)

The other patent is a little more disturbing, because the AI pairs you up against other players based on spending, rather than equal skill level. Players that spend more are paired against players who don’t spend or are of lower skill level, so that the losing players are encouraged to spend more to compete. One can draw conclusions if war match-ups are currently based on that formula too, but there’s no real proof. You can draw assumptions based on Battlefront 2’s recent debacle with micro-transactions giving competitive advantage.


Talisman I laughed way too hard at your comment :joy: I’m just saying if RTS sent me an offer of the 30 day pass with a 2 dollar upcharge and they’d send me a box of chocolates I’d buy it so fast :joy::joy::joy:


Funnily enough, if they’re trying to make people spend to catch up to spenders they’re way too late on that mark, for this game anyways. From what i’ve been seeing in my region, people are just plain tired of it. It doesn’t feel fun anymore


which is why the older I get the more I can’t stand First Person Shooter’s or the annoying kids on there yelling at other people yelling N-word this n-word that f-g this f-g that. I’ll stick to my turn based strategy games that make me think about my actions and the majority of kids cant bear it cause it’s not CoD #X-COM forever #shadowrun #FireEmblem #anythingthatisnotCoD/BattleField/BattleFront/CS:GO.

Where is Half-Life 3? dangit


That sucks I just had a character the other day out of the blue just about to say the same comment and chat of course it was all silent

If you actually read the source, it acknowledges nothing.

Did you get the Try The World snack box TapJoy offer? No chocolate in my box :confused:

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Does this mean that if we stop spending, we will get better offers? I guess its possible that we got the 6* $99 offer because people stopped spending as much. I’ve stopped spending on the game and doing offers for coins that I may or may not get.

No!!! But I’ve highly considered it! I’ve heard good things. Did you get any nice stuff?

Wow, same here. Im at that point myself

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The plantain chips were really good. Rest was ok. Not a fan of Turkish delight, though. It also comes with straw that kittens love


… small animal included? Brb ordering


It‘s a game. If we spend and how much we spend is alone each individuals decision. Every supermarket is set up to manipulate into spending. They make a living on it so trying to get the most out of their customers may even be legit. How one reacts is up to oneself. Everyone has a brain and is free to use it.

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Thanks for opening my eyes, I thought this was a bag of potatoes. It isn’t problem is this a game or not, one thing is aggressive marketing, customer research, other thing is collecting personal data illegally and with fraudulent intention.

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Believing personal data isn‘t collected everywhere nowadays is naïve. And I at least bought some goods in shops that could have been called fraud at best. It‘s the world we live in. :weary: