Doc stevens offer

yeah I bought it. They gave one out a little while ago and ever since ive seen doc everywhere. I once fought a team that was Pete, 2 docs, and 2 Minervas. Plus ill give scopely some credit for pumping out new content for the last few months.

Anyone else pick up a second doc?

picked up a 3rd for the trainers

I already got 8 Stevens and 2 full Upgrades with Veteran lvl 30. But These Offer is great for new Players or the Players that just wantvto Pick up their first ever or second recruit even on third. Did not matters. Word up Scope, good Job here. Fair price :+1:t4:


Probably the most realistic price for a toon they’ve ever done considering it also comes with 10 bennies and is probably the most relevant 6 star and has been since release (arguably still more relevant than over 50% of Sclass)

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2nd? More like 10th

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When I first got Doc he was in one of those 10 dollar rng boxes with 3 other toons, so yeah this offer is pretty nice if you do not have one already

I got the first Doc from the Hellgate compensation. Got my 2nd from a recent wheel, not sure which one it was and though I am not using the first Doc I maxed, I decided to max the 2nd one too - and craft him with huge AP on atk, to have a pick on what would fit better when Dazed.

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