Doc Stevens not using AS turn 1

Yeah. Hes bugged now.

Hes not using his AS in turn 1

Using it in turn 2 or 3.


Yes. Different test in our faction and turn he does nothing anymore

Did you purchase the “keep character relevant” pack? Unfortunately unless you pay the reasonable price of £99.99 a month, your Premier characters will naturally degrade. Keep surviving


Lots of toons arnt using actives now like james and christa

Everyone has a delay now. Even Pete uses his heal T3. Cole uses his AS t2-t3. Doc forgot he has an AS due to all the anesthesia he inhaled during his surgeries.

Same with Raven half the time

Don’t forget laopo she never was fixed for t1 May aswell change them to t2

Anyone surprised that after an Armory update hell any update for that fact that things are broken now…cmon we have all been watching this same stuff for years now

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