Do you want war back this weekend?

  • Yes
  • No

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See if it is a popularity choice to not have war
Lets refuse labor day

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely what popular feedback has been used to decide cancelling war? When clearly the actual popular feedback is that war is wanted thus weekend. And why just because it’s Labour day should it be cancelled. Not everywhere is affected by this and you shouldn’t cancel war just for that reason. Actually listen to your playerbase and reinstate war.


This is why the PC needs more reps from Europe and Australia etc . Scopely acts as if the world revolves around the Americans that play and having a council set up predominantly of said people doesn’t do anything to dispel this myth.


@Gazbro35 Beside that, we have pushed some fixes last week and are still doing so this week in order to improve the overall experiences with War and specifically crashes. And since we were not ready to propose a War this upcoming weekend, we have preferred to cancel it and to avoid further disappointments.



@GR.Scopely. If that was the case then that information would have been provided in the original post detailing the reasons why. So please refrain from making this up as an extra reason why. The fact is war should not be cancelled for the reasons that it is being.


Yes and no…

I want War but not 16 regions war…

Blitz shuld be Good


Finally some more truth

If you think they’d give out the full information on anything, you must be crazy. I’d rather have no war than a war where there are bugs and crashes.


What about Walker Hordes then? Something please…so bored…but it wont happen…so gonna go play something else instead

We won’t have any kind of war this upcoming week-end as stated in the following thread :crossed_swords: Tournament Calendar .

Also, to quote what @JB.Scopely was saying this morning the rational being this decision is the following:

War Weekend
It was removed, mostly due to Labor Day ahead, and based on popular feedback from out the huge spenders that played in the toc.upon those big holidays, a break is offered. The rationale is also reinforced with recent wars that were pitiful (ToC + CRWs)


Stop eyes and.start.talking.truth no more bs storys gr

Pretty sure the end of league season is a reason why too, people will buy less cans to grind leagues as placement will occur next week so offers a reduction in incentive to spend.

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Dude just shut up about this crap.


Normally I’d say yes but since we’ve known it would be off the board for awhile, I’ve made weekend plans. So, no.

Have fun with your lame raid without cans and more lvl up.5* toons.that wil never be used , dont see anything in this game anymore to keep playing



When will you be updating the calander for next week? You guys really dont know what you are running in three days? I am interested to see if war will be back on the following week.

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You already made a guaranteed disappointment to avoid a non sure disappointment ?
That doesn’t make any sense to me .
I am already disappointed ,
What about hordes , FO ,… And all other events
Were getting sick of this lvl ups and raids 7/7 24/24

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Gr is prob bussy making up a new fake excuse

Exactly. And a way of improving communications is not to use fake excuses @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely. still time to save this sh#t show and have war reinstated

Wanted to war, but since there’s no war, I just retired.