Do you want to hear about taking it to the team anymore?

This is a difficult question to be honest, i don’t mind the phrase taking it to the team
What i dont like is the silence that follows, if take it to the team was then followed by an answer or acknowledgement by said team a few days later im fine with it, i.e when combatman says il look into it i know he will and will get back to us when he has an answer, but if support says it ii know its a way to try to stop us pressing the issue, and to forget about it


Sure! I mean, you could do both questions honestly – but I am 100% sure the answer of that last one you had would be No, we don’t want to hear it.

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This one is about the same lol

Would love a better understanding of what happens after it’s taken to the team. We get told it a lot but never really get many answers. I think when things aren’t possible. We understand. But this whole waiting for months about so many things is starting to get old. I would rather know what the team said. I want more answers and not just vagueness. Why does it take so long to get answers? Or to see changes. There are so many things we are still waiting to see. More answers. More follow through. I think these are things the community wants to see.


Mostly listening or we’re working on it.

Everything I share is what the status is.


Here is how it goes. Community asks for something and if it is higly demanded it goes to the team. After that the team evaluates the demmands, examine what the players want. Then you see an offer with the goods asked :joy::thinking:

Pretty much, but not really.

I’m sure there are cost vs profitability discussions though. Can we monetize this? Will having more gear maps cut into gear offer sales?

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It is a demmand/supply market so when the demmands start rising limit the suplly and give the option to fulfill the needs by buying the geae you need. New roadmap requiring more energy and less gear compared to the old one. But more offers and gear stashes to get the gear you need :ok_hand:


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Well, they didn’t send me an offer or anything to Else to my request yet.
Still no 4* Allen

As a posted elsewhere in the forum…

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That’s because not many people are interested in him unfortunately :flushed:

He is a fantastic 4*.
Heal and status giver.

Looks cool too.

I will treasure mine more for you Dr Mekar


This would’t concern them. I’m mean who asked for a 6* Jeremiah Offer, Nobody. He’s probaly not bad and all.

I wish they would Update the 4* Wheel with new Chars, including 4* Allen or add him to Ascendance as the new Jackpot. He can’t be too good, we have Red 4* Mark into Ascendance who’s complitly OP

P.S: I also created topics about my Ideas for both of them.

Never mind 4* allen we need God a damm 5* Allen I miss my 4* one doe he was like the Sr zeke of 4*

I voted yes cause the alternative is to hear nothing as kalishane isn’t live ops and can’t actually fix stuff just "take it to the team ". While it’s frustrating and not much seems to get better i don’t blame her I blame the company. I would like to see less passive aggressiveness and snarkiness from her however but I can understand how getting bitched at for a living would suck. :joy::joy::joy:

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Of course, this would be my biggest Wish, but since they creating new characters, over new characters, we will never get hin. I Made a few versions for Allen.

Allen "Miles Behind Us"
Rarity: Epic (5*)
Trait: Tough
Role: Medic
Persona: Leader
Special Skill: Human Shield

Allen "Safety Behind Bars"
Rarity: Ultra Rare (4 Stars)
Trait: Alert
Role: Damage
Persona: Rebel
Leader Skill: All ranged teammates get +16 Crit and a medium Bonus to AP when attacking.

Allen "Road to Survival 1"
Rarity: Epic (5 Stars)
Trait: Strong
Role: Tank
Persona: Soldier
Specialist Skill: Indominable

I like when someone takes something to the team, I don’t want them to feel neglected and depressed, lack of sweets can do that to organism. Some pancakes and syrup would be best for next visit.

I would like to hear from this said team …

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