Do you want the refresh of 5* wheel?

  • Yes
  • No

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No discussions, simple statistics please, let’s see ourselves and show it to the team if this is a great move or not. Thanks!


Yes. However, they should leave all of the ascendable toons in there. Take out the following toons:

  • Michonne “A larger world”
  • Ezekiel
  • Richard “All out war”
  • Eugene “Whispers into screams”
  • Shane
  • Victor
  • Ellen
  • Kenny (Telltale special edition)
  • Alicia
  • Timothy “A larger world”
  • Bruce
  • Cooper
  • Rick “Whispers into screams”
  • Lester
  • Pete “In too deep”
  • Randall “In too deep”
  • Tyreese
  • Darlene
  • Cain

Please note, while these characters may still have uses in specific areas of the game (Survival road, roadmaps, world map stages, farming, etc.) neither of these characters are used in PVP (war and raids AKA The mainly used part of the game) nearly enough to justify having them in the wheel over the likes of Carl “No turning back”, Shiva and Negan “Kirkman series”. In my opinion, every single ascendable character should stay in the wheel until there’s more ascendable toons to refresh them with.

So in short, take out outdated and useless characters, characters who make the 5* wheel a pain when you’re unlucky. Characters who nobody cares about. Lower ranked people still get happy with revives and shields or just some heavy AoE hitter like Sandy, so these aren’t too bad. We’ve had enough of all these drop leaders though, I can assure you.

Player first attitude, right? Let’s see if you manage to come through this time around. Take out the listed characters (subject to change) and throw in some fresh meat, and we’ll be gucci.

[Premiere Recruits & 5☆ Recruit Token Wheel Refresh]

This is good but in reality what you are saying is that you want a 6* wheel.

5* is irrelevant except in the ascendance process


More like I want a 5s wheel with ascendable toons available for everyone. Not just the weak trash ascendable toons which is what i’m expecting to be honest. I want 5s who are still gonna be relevant and have uses in PVP against these 6s. There’s plenty of 5s who fall under that, but not the ones created in 2016 and USUALLY not the ones with a drop leaderskill. Everyone has those.


5* are soon to be totally irrelevant and the 5* wheel will be nothing more than to get museum collections and fodder for 6* ascension.

Need a 6* wheel that has all the 5* ascendable characters on it.


I disagree. You can put previously premier 5*s on there which are still gonna be relevant.


They should take out the characters I don’t want and only leave the ones I want. If I don’t pull the characters I want Imma bitch like a kid.


An ascendable wheel is a great idea!


Why would we want chars in the wheel which we can get via Ascendance?

Most of these are mediocre at least. And they lower the chance that you might actually get a toon you have some use for.