Do you use your active skill


So been playing with my Bewbs (lol), Barker and Zeek a lot and to be honest I think I have only used the active skills about twice as their rush or normal attacks always seem more useful at the time, is everyone else finding this to or just me?


I use mirabelle alot and she gives the edge to counter the stun weapons.


Nope I don’t. Tried it only once or maybe twice to see how the mechanic works.

Most of them I consider rather weak and I have made sure none of them are leveled yet since they are especially bad on defense. I much rather have my 6* auto attack in like 99% of the cases instead of using his/her active skill.

Until something gets reworked or I get a character with a decent active ascended (like Shiva perhaps) all of Ulysses (only 3 lol, great huh!?) will remain locked in my roster.


Some of them come in Handy like Shiva’s stun, Jeremiah’s confuse recover… too bad I don’t have these characters :stuck_out_tongue:


I use four 6 stars in my team and I use all their active skills, recover impair, recover stun, self heal and ap gain and I love them, they have turned a few raids and wars around for me.


going to need a few more ulysses, but yes, I use them. They can, as locky states, turn around a raid or battle.


Shivas active skill is NOT confuse, confuse is part of her AR…


Stun I meaned, thanks :wink:


I use Yumikos confuse all the time. It wasn’t great until I got it to level 5, now it lasts 2 turns. She’s the only 6* I have right now, so it comes in handy when a 6* is ready to rush. I once even got someone’s Ty to decapitate their boobs. That was very helpful.


Id say it was hilarious to watch aswell.


Yes. Yes it was. :smile:


I use the Zeke AR occasionally, not a lot but when i have used it its turned some raids around for me.

Got a Shiva ready to ascend, think her stun will be handy


I use controlling active skills (Taunt and Impair on Negan and Abe) all the time. Ty’s impair is great for stopping an early rush from Priya or Shiva.

Recovery active skills are generally a bit rubbish because of the random aspect or don’t work Recover Active Skills - Broken and/or Useless

Abe’s heal is pretty pointess. He’s so tanky and 20% (haven’t levelled it to do two turns yet) isn’t worth the loss of AR gain considering his rush is so useful for the two turn taunt.


Oh it really is :slight_smile: make sure you level it up enough to last 2 turns!


Been saving up my Adens/ulysess/lyllith - so i’ve enough to get her up and running :slight_smile:


Somebody are handy but mostly no don’t use them. Stun, recover stun, confuse and recover confuse are the only ones worth levelling up in my opinion.


I’ve been using Ty’s active simply for the impair, but you have to choose which toon you are wanting to impair. Once his active is maxed he impairs two. I don’t use Abe’s at all and Zeke’s on occasion. Carl’s ap gain is sweet and has been crucial in getting my other 6*s ar to go off faster.


Hell yeah I do 6* Mira and zeke cure the stun and impair gun problems and shiva stuns people you don’t like on command rip 5*


I only have Tyrese right now and I do use his impair. It comes in handy.


I use shivas active stun, yumiko’s active confuse, and tyreeses active impair quite often.