Do You Think Scopely Gave Up On Trying To Fix Territory Bugs?

I don’t remember ever seeing developers give up on fixing a particular bug but I think that Scopely may have given up on trying to fix territories. When is the last time we even got a territory fix report? Honestly, I think that the developers this game hires are below industry standards.

Think they gave up on the whole game


One would have to have tried at something to be able to give up, I dont have confidence Scopely took that first step to even try to fix it.


i dont think they want to fix that bugs

To give up on something, you should try first

They don’t fix things that don’t cost them money.
Also they don’t fix buried old code that someone wrote years ago and is buried under new code that someone wrote after, that is layered on top. They have said in the past that it would destroy the game so easier to leave it as is.

I believe it’s a case of don’t talk about them, don’t look at them, and they might go away?

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I dont think the gave up on fixing them. I believe they never even attempted in the first place :see_no_evil:


Honestly I don’t think they’ve ever even tried to fix it. It’s difficult enough to get them to admit it’s been broken for like 3 years since it’s launch let alone actually fix it.

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How could they give up on something they never tried to fix in the first place?

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The official statement issued like a year ago is that territories work fine, them crashing all the time is a problem with all our phones not spooply’s code.

Now please stop talking about it.

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