Do you think all players should get the anniversary token offers?


Should all players get the super cheap anniversary token offers to balance what others have gotten?

  • Yes
  • No

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Annnnnd go


I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t at this point


Anybody now what this purple tokens are for in the 1 crate



I don’t think the offers should be made available to all players to balance anything. We should get them, instead, because it was an “error.” This is par for the course from the turds at Scopely though.


give us 100 free and im good don’t think all players should have access to 9 pulls for $36 to OP


'Nuff said and I strongly suggest you do not feed them. :wink:


Why not? We want equality among players, putting up the offers for everyone would be equality.


It would be fair, instead players with mid level accounts now have a massive advantage over those who’ve played longer but haven’t dropped tons of cash.


Yes they should. To give these offers to “select” people, and not the entire community that has played the game since day 1 is balls.

Then they lie and say it was a mistake and should be RTS tokens, then low and behold we see another offer with both!

Absolute shambles this is. Utter FKN Joke. Admit your screw up and let everybody else get a crack at these offers!

Side note, STILL waiting for Year 3 tokens from cake leaderboard.


Frankly I’m amazed they didn’t just say “we gave this offer out to mid level players in an attempt to kick start them and balance regions, due to movement from transfers.”


Don’t give them ideas :stuck_out_tongue::joy:


Only metaplayers got the offer to speed up then slow down the meta of old toons being released and as they say they only meta give out rts tolkens.
scopley dont just nerf toons they nerf the value of players accounts too.



So 10% of the community are trolls.

Yeah, that seems about right imo.


The problem i see with this is, if cant stop things like this from happening in first place, how does anyone believe they can offer this to players who didnt get it the first time without those who did get it the first time getting it again. those who already got it will then have 6 6stars while everyone else only gets 3, and complaints will continue about unfair advantage those players got 6 free 6stars while everyone else got 3.

this whole thing isnt good but compared to things like victorgate, where people got 50+ 6stars not taken away, does any of this happening realy surprise anyone thats been playing awhile?


If there is one thing scopely is good at its tracking purchases. They might be awful at everything else, but they’re amazing at that.


They know who got the offer and yes they could give everyone else the offer if they wanted too … the same way they gave them the offer and not us


People who got the offer and now potentially have better teams than most others. It isn’t about balance it’s about winning.


guess ill vote yes then since people believe in scopely still. i dont after things like victorgate but we will see