Do you remember the times when

…it was a big deal when toons started to have an AR that did more than just ONE THING!

Oh, those days seem so far away now…


Remember being able to wake up friday morning and war for hours? Yeah nothing but a distant memory now.


… you didn’t know what the max AR value would be ahead of time? Only how many levels it would take to max out?
See also: 5* yellow Clementine player reaction :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You could raid for hours on end and just love it?

Territories didn’t crash… oh wait

Lol. Clemenwhine. I still have her. She was a decent tower team lead

Remember when I remembered to remember

Like how? Many 5s, even earlier ones, had ARs that healed, buffed, damaged, etc. ARs with multiple effects are nothing new. Only notable examples of single effect rushes are many early 3s and blue andrea

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