Do you regularly do the following


Do you play videogames regularly
Do you use videogames to have fun escape life
Do you play for hours on end
Do you value videogames as much as work

Well if you do the following you sir could have a gaming disorder
Yes that’s right WHO have classed gaming as a mental disorder of course you have theese “symptoms” for 12 months your doctor well diagnose you with gaming disorder and even better if you display all theese symptoms you have gaming disorder now don’t worry the best cure would be to go outside enjoy the world now also the outside very dangerous now you could step on a drug needle and cacth disease, could be robbed could be ran over Could eat something not cooked right could get ill from the germs that people left on that door right in front of you… But don’t worry sonce the outside posses some dangers and your probably less likly to its not as bad as gaming disorder right
At the end of the day doe this is a pretty interesting topic since gaming addiction has been classed as a mental disorder personally I feel this is going the wrong way about gaming addictions an addiction is a addiction there unhealthy but can be treated and there is a point where gaming becomes that addiction and thats being in that point where your spending days on end and i means like 3 days straight just gaming however how who have classed it is the wrong way I mean how is this going to affect esports for example how will this affect Youtubers who have a gaming career by classing it as a mental disorder also a mental disorder is and I’m trying not to offend anyone here is where there is a certain part / parts or function of your brain isn’t functioning properly examples of this would be alzeimers amnesia dementia all 3 in common affecting memory ( I hope I haven’t offended anyone I’m not trying to be rude or offensive) but theese 3 affect the brain more of a disease or disorder and are probably more fatal than a video game since alzeimeirs dementia can eventually lead to you forgetting how to breath which is more fatal than a video game because we can’t live without being able to breath while we can live without videogames (the world would be a bit boring if there were no videogames but let’s be honest it’s not like food and water) and so therefore gaming addiction in my opinion isn’t a mental disorder
P. S Sorry you had to read it is pretty long All that but congratz if you made it to the end


I used to be a sex addict apparently and got over that. Maybe life is a series of addictions.


And nothing for the people who think Logan Paul is funny?

What about people who watch NASCAR?