Do you like the new content?

See attached screen shot from c s


I would like to know which bucket I am in also. No reply from support lol


The whole conversation


This answer is so brutal


in 4 years of playing this game and playing as a free 2 play not ONCE have i gotten a premier character.

You talking 6 stars or premier chars. I haven’t get a single ascend until the odds update

You mean scopely resetting the odds as they should be incase of an investigation? Lol

I’ve gotten Bruce and Pamela…

You have a decent bucket my friend (depending on when you got them of course)

I’m afraid your bucket is no good. Keep on surviving!

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Hmm… your bucket odds are depleted. Sorry

What new content?If they mean arena we have that already and can play vs faction mates at any time.It’s called raids.

The promises shit. When they made prestige recruits basically 5 stars recruit. I got abe from 5 star recruitss and yvette from prestige

Did you just reply to yourself lol

Sadly yes but to correct. I did hella 5 stars pull and didn’t get a ascend until scopely announce changes in pulls.

I called it that so it wouldn’t get taken down. My posts kept getting deleted

Youre all my buckets

If you read the awnser.good they dont say its not tru like the post.that scopely gave about that buckets dont exist

Your answer to your pulling problems. Free players get put in the “leftover bread crumbs” bucket.

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All your buckets belong to me