Do you like hordes?

  • Yes
  • No

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could be better but better than raids.


Terribilmente noiosa :tired_face:

Literally makes the game moreof a pointless grind and even if a f2p won every horde raid a spender can just buy fills and unfairly pass.

That’s literally the same for each tournament on this game (in level up they buy trainer offers, makes no difference).

Overall yes because it’s a great concept but it could have been thought out better and I think that’s a main part in why a lot of people are saying no, whether it be for the rewards, refill timer, milestones, hard difficulty, etc. If some of those (or preferably all) were fixed, we’d see a massive amount of people switch and say that it’s a good tournament and they’d probably get a lot more spenders as well since it would bring in more competition.

I quite like the concept but it’s too much of a grind. Each attack takes way too long.
You also get a huge amount of cards throughout the event which you can’t even use because the horde cost is so low with no way to increase it.
They give out a ton of horde markers but the only thing you can get with them are more cards which you probably won’t get any use out of.
The rewards completely suck given how much time and effort it takes but you have no choice but to participate if you want to stay in your league/get promoted.

It has potential and I don’t hate it as much as I expected to but there are lots of improvements to be made.

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If I wanted to play Pokémon I’d go play Pokémon


Free weekend so im fine like always