Do you have faction raid tournament?


I have just noticed taht only bryan region has faction raid tournament


You mean currently right now with the level up?



Nothing here

What’s in the crate? Burts?



So burt’s and food lol

Hell at this point I’d take it


Do you also have the level up? I would take a raid event over level up or even during. …


We have level up


That’s odd are u guys a newer region? Gotta say I’m jealous I could use some 5* tokens


Have both. Old region


@kalishane what’s with the extra Turney for some regions? Did they miss the weekend one or are they just getting extra?


We also had the extra level up


I was referring to the faction raid. If they also got it from the last weekend and this is eXtra or was it not given over the weekend. Seems a bit odd that 1 region got an extra tournament


Select regions had a test faction level up too.