Do you have Brain to think?

Oh wow! and yeeeesss!!!
Yes ofc we want more OP toons that we can’t even pull from wheel :slight_smile:

taunt 4 toons for 2 turns? Hell yeah we want it!!! So now I can use him for both atk amd defense!!! Do we have to worry about Payback toons??? No worries!! he has only 200% dmg in his rush!! What a great rush!! also he has 4 turn focus!! We don’t need to worry about taunt/confuse!

Yeeeees this toon is all i needed!!
Now i can sell my toons in Depot!

Like always, Communication and promised future from scopely makes me laugh :slight_smile:

Oh yeah!! I juat can’t stop laughing Since i watch New ryan! thank you scopely thank you!

Nothing is more annoying than grammar police


You forgot to put a period at the end of your sentence.


He did, you

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