Do you have a perfect weapon? Want to show it off?

I run Aaron on both my Lilly attack team and Pete defense team and he’s a solid support toon. The bonus HP rarely gets activated on attack, but the impair+elusive on round 2 and ap down on round 3 has saved me a good number of times.

If Scopely doesn’t provide enough bear paws, I definitely think Aaron cards are worth considering.

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perfect. Otw perfect. And just perfect enough

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My only perfect ones :slight_smile:

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And still got more of this lol :joy: even if not Diamond it’s Max you can put out of the crafts

I only got one perfect.

One I consider perfect (for my lead) since don’t really need huge AP and my OCD isn’t as bad:

And one that might end up being truly perfect, if I make up my mind to keep tough def. Aimed for 15/35…

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I’m saying that as in, if I don’t reach 40, I’m going to get Aaron cards… I don’t really have any fast s-class besides Tyler anyways…

If i get to 40 I was getting the bear and nothing was going to convince me otherwise.

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I hate every single one of you.


Gnihihi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t have any “finished” Perfects but I have some that are on their way.

Earl doesn’t quite like me for stat upgrades.

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no one with red splash damage?

I would like to craft an offensive red weapon and I need some inspiration

I got one under my Absole Defense Axe!

45 ATK, Hughe AP, 120%Splash and 20% more ATK on basic Attacks ignore defense Bonus


Oh I want that one. The gentleman?

Yes for him special. This once had cost me a lot of Blowtorches :sleepy: but works rly great. If it proc’ it’s devastating!