Do you hate when your workworks seem counter intuitive?

My faction was number fourteen. I had been stockpiling characters for leveling. So I began a leveling up extravaganza combined with the It wasn’t a bite scavenger 12 h level up. And when I was done and all that leveling points ( even pushed our adrenaline rush goal through) our faction was at… Fifteen we went down. That sorta thing disappoints me.

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Isn’t that the whole point of the game, disappointment? I’ve had it in spades.


i hate workworks


Either the faction you are in has a low number of players or the majority does not care about placements in faction tournaments. If I were you I would look for factions with better activity in these tournaments. There is no need to put up huge numbers when the majority in the faction doesn’t do the same to get “better” rewards. So yes, look for a better faction. :ok_hand:t3:

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Prep prep and prep, there’s no shortcuts, train thousands of toons get 30 toons to tier 4 level 1 then prep again, never level up outside of LU event, never let a training camp end🤷🏼‍♂️ It’s hard work but if you want the top spots you got to grind your butt off

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Oh, then I’ve just been looking at it the wrong way. Thanks!

I don’t see any other way of looking at it. Four years ago I started out enjoying it and it’s gone downhill ever since. I wish I could stop but I’m addicted!

Dont like how you work as a faction = MOVE
Think the other dont contribute as much as you = MOVE
Your partner is in the faction and she means something to you = NOT MOVE

It is a game and if you dont have fun, change how you play it.

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