Do you guys think the 225 token crates are a good deal?


It has a guaranteed pull on the wheel, and I was thinking of buying 2.


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Naah its not 220 coins worth


I did more than 30 pulls on the WD wheel… and i just got bullshit


hell no it aint


I bought two offers with real cash, and only pulled fours.
this is why im hesistant on this crate.


Its probably good


Now if that was an ascendable toon in the offer i would definitely buy that. Otherwise :thinking:


:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: indeed


She was a good leader at one point.


Yeah but she’ll be ascendable soon


She was. I have 2 :yum:


Me the rest of the weekend lol


have proof?


That’s not a factual statement, they meant it as a joke.


Did 3 pulls each on all of my regions (almost 20 regions, used the free ones they gave us) and didn’t get a single ascendable and only 3 5 stars throughout all of them.


Yes. Go back through all the announcements they made when ascendance was launched. They said that all 5★ will eventually become ascendable.

So technically I’m right. But in reality, as RedReaper said, it’s just a joke.


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