Do you guys on beta like the new UI improvements


With update 9.0 beta users have the new UI screen, I personally am not a fan it hides the majority of the features under 2 sections versus and battle, it makes missing new roadmaps ect a lot easier and was wondering if you guys like the UI interface or not?

  • Yes
  • No

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Fix the poll :slight_smile:


lol you were quick ,i couldnt preview it on phone so had to post first . But its done now :grinning:


Its not so great cuz you know $copely is just hiding the tools for the game so they can spam more ads and offers in new empty space.
Bad enough every 5 mins during war in middle of a timed battle with 5 six stars…lol…smh


Yeah everything is confusing. Nothing is at-a-glance anymore.

I get that they’re trying to de clutter the main screen. It will take some getting used to and when it finally rolls out people will complain till their faces are blue…

I’m to a point where I say:

I don’t like it. But it’s manageable and necessary.


I’m actually the type of person who prefers everything sorted out etc so I like the new look of a menu


I like it. Granted the first couple of days I kept clicking on the announcements which was above Versus, but now that I have gotten use to it, I like the simplified look.