Do You Guys Like WD Tokens?

  • Yes,I Like Them
  • Indifferent
  • No,I Hate Them

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I did a Scopely and lied :joy:


I only liked them cause i got lucky…

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Blowing all your resources to get first for 1% of an old Gen1 toon?

Gonna go out on a limb and say hate will win this poll


100% agree, but still people scored 20m in LU. I never scored this low in any of the tournaments because the rewards made 0 sense.

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A fac mate of mine scored 14m. But his roster was the Benny hole of Calcutta, it was just spring cleaning, not the rewards lol

That’s mine atm. Could care less about these ‘rewards’. Will keep my Bennies there and keep piling my tgs because don’t have anything worth levelling





Here’s what I think of the WD Tokens, in the famous quote from Albert Einstein:


What’s Benny hole of Calcutta?

Referencing the Black hole of Calcutta in the 18th century where over a hundred British soldiers were shoved into a small dungeon.

When you major in History you have to drop such little jokes in to seem like an interesting person.


And @LaraCroft, much respect. The immobility of training grounds and frequent popups would drive me up the wall

has your game been loading up slowly with that many in your roster? shamefully at 3600 with all the trainers and don’t know if it’s my game going slow or my phone

Just googled it. It’s my fav city and I didn’t know that lol :sweat_smile:

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Just make sure this one is unticked. Don’t get any popups


Havent noticed any difference. But mine has been over capacity for a long time.

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The first time they did rewards like this I as many hated it, being this what the 4th 5th maybe more times this way I’m indifferent.
Only difference it seems with this time is maybe that a lot of you “dedicated” people got treated like the regular people so instead not much of “come on guys just do more, this is good format”

I knew of it, but I also still can’t turn off the popup in my head that my roster is, as the saying goes, 10 pounds of crap in a 2 pound sack lol

Horrible token because… I can’t even get my 2nd Ivanova and Harper (sacarsm), even though I’d not mind Elodie.

This is basically a month of most everyone not getting anything. I have like a third of all the collections. I have gotten top 3 a few times and in top fac. I’ve pulled 100 shells or beachballs everytime except my 1st and recent. This is the worse idea ever. It’s bad enough war prizes are garbage but now level up prizes aren’t even really a prize. At least when they had those crates for a chance at a toon or 5* tokens u knew exactly the toon u were going for and got something if not the toon. We could go through this entire event and not get anything. Be better.