Do you guys know what this means?

i was staring into space & the girl i liked was walking by & she was looking at me while i was staring into space. then later i was staring at the wall & when i looked over i see her looking at me & smiling while she had her hands on her head. then the next day i heard her saying “i don’t know why he looks at me”?

Are you sure she’s talking bout you? Could be paranoia

You been caught staring, best make a move and talk to her before her friends convince her you’re creepy

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Try explaining that you were more interested in contemplating the void than you were in looking at her. Pretty sure that’ll help

yeah & the next day in class i heard her saying out loud in class ‘i don’t know why he looks at me’ & she wasn’t talking to anyone either so idk lolz

Definitely need to follow up with a wink next time you stare into space then turn to see her. :wink:

That’ll get her going

Do the same to her to your group of friends? It will piss her off and make her come up to you and ask to speak to you. Then make your move

She may be deluded if she shouts out in the middle of class speaking to no one! This also shows that she won’t stop talking about you infront if you, so she’s trying to get you to go up and speak to her instead, then make your move there! I don’t know, my crush said she isn’t wanting a relationship right now but when she does, I’m not gonna be creepy or anything just be nice to her

yeah but the other day when i went out with my friends i guess she was at the same place i was at & she was there with her boyfriend & was talking about me because when i looked over i saw him looking at me then he looked away. but now when her boyfriend sees me he just laughs at me. i guess she was talking bad about me or something lol.

sad… rip…