Do you enjoy survival road?

Given this is how we are to get food now, I figured it was a valid question. Do you enjoy survival road.

  • Yes, it’s great
  • No, it’s another chore

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Do you think the recent purging of world cans and switching food over to SR energy is a play to force players to buy refills to be competitive in level up events?

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t understand, given the poll results here, why anyone would want to need to do SR for food. It seems like y’all are trying to force us to use a failed feature. I know the go to reason for stuff like this(think solo level up, 6* buff, etc) is that feedback or usage we can’t see caused it. That said, looking at the SR leaderboard in my region, I’m top 200 and literally haven’t done it this year.

It also seems to lean towards removing veteran players through anger and training a new subaet of players/spenders on the new system imo.


I haven’t read every new thread on the forum yet, but i don’t understand this question/conclusion.

Can someone explain food versus SR energy part?

I do enjoy the challenge of Survival Road, but its frustrating when one day you’re heavily beaten stage 1 or 2 and then the next day you pass it no problems

Tournament road is enjoyable, but at this point getting through Bronze, Silver & Gold is a real chore.

Not really sure about your point on SR Energy & Food?

Never have I been beaten :grin: #humblebrag (#not)
Still love it even though 6* made it too easy imo. It’s the only challenging mod in the game when it feels you’re playing a vidéo game and are not autofarming.
You’re right about SR tourney though, it’s boring af now and it relies only on cans purchases now.

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Only reason I like survival road is because unlucky players like me could never get the toons and weapons to finish it! Was a pain, now with the 6* just fly it, brilliant. Different if u always got through it with easy but not everyone did

They’re making it so gear isn’t sold for food, you have to do SR for food

Well, not sure how many of the players in the game actually took this poll. It’s a pretty small sampling to say you don’t understand how they could think people enjoy SR. I LOVE SR. As do most of my faction mates. I’m sure Scopely has the actually numbers of how many play it every day.

SR used to be my favourite part of the game back when it was tough but doable with a mix of 4/5*, as the stage restrictions forced some creative thinking.

But the ramp up in difficulty to absurd levels just prior to the release of 6* sapped whatever kind of enjoyability the mode once possessed - I went from playing it every day since its release to simply not doing it for 2-3 months because it had become more of a chore than anything; and saying that in context of this being a game where leveling up is considered a tournament-worthy “activity” is pretty damning.
But now that most have a decent selection of 6* to choose from, the pendulum has swung back too far and it’s now just a step above mindless auto farming. There are still one or two tricky stages (i.e. getting Katjaa stage 1) but the vast majority are easily doable. If the incentive was even there to to it. “Increased food” doesn’t cut it, as whatever presumably already negligible gains we’ll get will be negated by 50% through transferring it to deluxe replenish.

What was once a very promising mode was simply shat out and left to stagnate for over a year - no new stage structures added, awful rewards balance (pretty much the same at 400 as at 200), a single toon added to the depot (several months after it would have been useful) and nothing else, auction tournaments, no AP bar below toon portraits, no sweep option, Tyreese bug going unaddressed for months

So I can’t really say I enjoy it per se, but to try and be a little positive I guess it’s not my most hated aspect of the game. That’s about as ringing an endorsement as I can give it!

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No, cause it is one more part of the game reflection “lets cash in every aspect of the game”. Who has most cans (cash in) - wins, like every tournament till now. Even level up is cash tournament now and with new changes it will be more cash dependent then ever.

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This has been pretty much my experience and how most people I’ve spoken to seem to feel

Right now daily sr should be avoided unless it has a dt, pk, or some other item you need. No reward for beating it so why make it harder. Once its becomes a food resource we will have to take another look.

I like the tourney part. It usually can be beat without having to use any cans and it has decent rewards for the most part. Yes the 1st 3 sections are super boring.

Things wont get better in the game. Our pleas fall on def ears and they do what they want to do. Only way to get them to change is to stop $pending.


Which won’t and is not happening cause maim shiva is obviously wallet candy that every whale and wannabe like W must have.

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So sad and yet so very true.

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I don’t enjoy SR, but I do it as much as possible out of necessity. It gives FA tickets now, with the amount being equal to what SR level you are so that’s super nice. I’m also desperate for crafting materials (not just DT and PK, but iron spikes, laser sights, etc) and SR is a reliable source for that. Also, I’m collecting as much points as possible in case the depot gets update, or the very least there’s a sale on Aden’s. If this is how food will also be gathered then that’s another bonus and those 4 things make doing SR worthwhile.

No… i dont particularly enjoy SR… i do it for my fac and rewards and xp.

That’s my issue though. Worthwhile? Maybe. Fun? No. This is a game, it’s supoosed to be fun.

Yeah, it’s not fun, but it only takes ~30 min per day and the payoff is much better than the other grinds in the game that go throughout the day with RNG or little rewards eg.) 13.1, gloves/shirts, daily gear map, XP road map etc…

Problem is, you’ll still need to go there for survivors, shirts/gloves, and other gear.