Do you choose to not use a character in game because of how it’s Portrayed in the series/comics?


Do you ever get a good 5* character and you’re like damn, I could really use this Blue Eugene but I hate his character. Post the character you refuse to use and why!


No 7chars


nope i value characters over their usefullness but i hold on to the some characters and don’t depot them or use as fodder since i like them want them to stay in roster :slight_smile:


No, I judge all toons on what they do for me in game.

There are some toons that are now utterly useless but I just can’t seem to get rid of them.

4* Blue Mark for one, as my first 4* and 5* Gator for the same reason (he may become useful, one day).


Yeah a little. I think there is more immediate emotional investment. I was desperate to get Clementine as she is one of my favourite characters. Got the 4* version of her but I feel bad I can’t use her more. Keep hoping to get the 5 someday.

Half the characters that I pull these days I have no idea who they are and I have read up to the end of compendium 3 and played all telltale games, they either bit part characters or entirely made up for this game


Yeah my favourite character is Jesus(Larger world), served me well for many months, hoping to get the 5* version. And yeah I get what You guys mean, if they’re good, use them.


I have 4* Chuck and 4* Mark. I just can’t throw them away. They are up there with my favorites besides 3* Lee…but they can’t really do much against 6*.


I’ve gotten too many Chucks And Marks. Although I can relate to not being able to Let go. I still have my 3* Dr Stevens which was my first toon I ever maxed out.


Yeah, I feel the same with Allen.

He was one of my favorite characters in the comics
and I still have the 3* version. I just hope to get the
4* version someday.

And I will probably never use 5* Christa, because I
don’t like her, but atleast she’s bad anyway :wink:


That’s how I felt about Carl…

Sucks for me. haha


Not based on how they are portrayed in the series/comics but I will admit I have used 5* Mirabelle at times strictly because of how the toon looks. Diversionary Tactics indeed!!!


Yup hate Carl! Constantly causing Rick issues!!

… I suppose he did save his life though


Wow, casual conversation around a broke ass game. My favourite comic character is Beta but I ain’t retarded enough to spend money on a bunch of pixels for a broken and dead game.


simple Answer yes.Also because they are bad in game Gregorys


Ben used to be a decent toon, but it does jar with me using him because he annoyed me persistently in Telltale. Not because of the comics, but i would never lose whispers rick, he just looks too cool. I don’t like using red shane drop lead, because he looks like he was stretched during creation, or has been hitting the pies hard. I also don’t like blue drop lead shane, because he looks completely out of place in the game design wise.



I mean, he’s overall better in the comics.

Last season though – I wish Shiva hadn’t saved him.


I keep all Ricks and Carls regardless.


I used 8 Carl’s to ascend a toon once, it was very satisfying to see him go, 8 times over.


Quite the opposite. I always use canon characters more than the road to survival ones. It’s a walking dead game, I like to use walking dead characters for it.