Do You Care About Balance?

Just seems like a lot of people here are against balancing something that’s obviously broken.

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I think you are too limited in your view.

There’s balance between ftp teams and balance amongst top teams. You seem to think inter-tier is unbalanced when in fact it is as they designed it. As such its the balance the developers have set. Teired game play.


Inb4 whiteknights gonna whiteknight.

Oh wait, I’m too late already.


Not everyone is going to be perfectly happy. I believe when people talk about “balancing” usually they are either against so many having access to OP toons so they can get more defends or against not having enough certain types of OP toons readily accessible to your basic f2p without much effort and, as if this wasn’t obvious already, 100 percent free.

No, you’re the one that’s limited in your view. You think that just because something is “challenging” it’s balanced but you’re not factoring in how what you believe is balanced is negatively affecting the game.

News flash game is 3 years old. And yet we continue to play. Hmmmm. Game has been built on this model from the start.

I’m a realist. This game is what it is.

Meanwhile there has been more access to ftp toons than ever before. Yet this easy mode advocating continues.


I find it ti be a lot more balanced than it was before mods. Took me a while to figure it all out. Now I can make proper teams accordingly.

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And some of those f2p toons are downright annoying given the right overall setup

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Who said I wanted the game to be easier? I want the game to be “difficult” to the point a whale has to use their head to beat a team instead of autoing. I want more diversity in what kind of team you can create and HS among other things is stopping that from happening.

You pay for what you get or you don’t


It’s a tiered game play structure that is designed to incentivize the top to pay hundred for the latest toon.

As long as that’s the monetization strategy, this grandiose ‘balancing’ won’t exist as it wouldn’t drive the desired purchasing rate.

Call it what you will but there are tangible discussions that could help improve game design that would be more fruitful than just screwing ‘unbalanced’ or ‘Op’ or ‘nerf’.


The whole reason behind mods was to freshen up the game and give anyone the ability to take down nightmare teams.
Now that we have mods, most have no need of worrying about annoying matters such as stun and impair as much.
Even now, I’d even go as far as to argue that it is impossible to create 1 attack team that can safely auto attack every type of defense team out there. This is because of the new toons introduced coupled with the new weapons and mods.

Check out Marion teams that destroy everything. Modifiers have also made balance worse because of the relationship between damage and % HP lost.

They may be able to auto your team without thought, but I assure you the game play design is quite complex at the top. We’ll it was, I won’t lie, it’s gotten significantly less complex recently which is disappointing.

Your calling out inter-tier game play. Which isn’t designed, nor never has been designed, to be an amazing experience.


the game is balanced enough. you need to become more creative if you are f2p when it comes to attacking all teams. wins arent going to come as easy as they would for “whales”, but they shouldnt be. the problem with balance is that most think of balance as everyone being on the same playing field. they confuse free to PLAY with free to WIN, or even free to COMPETE. you can play this game, have fun and not spend anything, but if you expect the top rewards, dont expect it with no input and only output. you have the same ability to spend as others do as well. you may choose not to, but that is your choice. i dont spend on pulls, i know im never going to have a premier toon, i know if theres an event like the current one, im gonna have to grind my ### off to get what needs to be done completed in order to get the toons i do have. is the game “unbalanced”? not entirely. im sure i could think of some things that stink as far as being changed from what used to be to what there is now, but im not sure i would say unbalanced.


::tinfoil hats of the world unite::, but i think that mods were done to combat the amount of stun weapons etc that were out from the airplane mode days.

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I am one of those people with those pesky type of teams. However, I can say that I am unable to consistently auto (no screen touching whatsoever) because of the current change in meta.
It’s all super easy still. However, there’s more thought that needs to be put into how you attack top properly crafted teams because of the mods, weapons, and shift in meta.

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If you’re talking about P2P v. FTP that’s not really what I’m talking about here. I just want more diversity and fresher teams. HS has made combat focused way too much on them wouldn’t you agree? HS is a specialist skill but it’s used like another weapon. It also makes combat feel stale.

Which, before mods, nightmare teams were nightmare teams because of their weapons.
I think Scopely is slowly working their way over to trying to “freshen” things up though.

I think it added significant depth. Time out teams were not practical until the first shield arrived. Seen great teams without shields too. And we have more ways than ever to get around them than ever before (active, rush, focus).

Powerful yes. But it’s here to stay.