Do We want Earl? Boredom

We’ve got yellow Earl, green Earl but no blue or red Earl

Therefore I had an idea for another two Earls in the 5 Star World. Maybe you want to make a guess what those Earls might be as a 6 Star Earl

Blue Earl
“If dar cat bite - I strike”
AP: 95
Do 1000 Maim Damage to all Enemies
This Character gains 30% AP. All Teammates recover from stun and bleed

Number of uses 1
Initial Cooldown 2
Revives all Teammates

Lead: All teammates except of Shiva and Ezekiel gain an Epic Bonus of AP (+50 every round)

Red Earl
“Howdy Partner”
AP: 76
Does 300 bleed damage to himself and 450 bleed damage to an enemies and all enemies close to that enemies as long as this Character stays alive

Active Skill
Number of uses 6
Initial Cooldown 4
Cooldown 3
This character gains 100% Bonus hp and 50% HP for two rounds

Special: the one hp one

I was pretty bored xD

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There is a red earl. But hes a 3*. But it does exist

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Okay, that’s awesome. What would he look like as a 6 Star?

6* Earl,

AP : 20

100% chance at weapon crafting failure - Procs every single round

Earl has no Skills, no there is no need for an Active.


I feel like Earl should be a Disarm. He naturally wrecks all my weapons already.


Well, Earl is a blacksmith, so ideally I think he’d be strong and wield a red-hot smithing hammer that has a chance to deal fire damage over time, and a rush that dramatically increases the attack, crit, and defense of teammates for a limited amount of time, sort of like how green Earl already does, except it would affect melee teammates only and be more extreme. He might have indomitable, making him a sturdy buff toon whose only offensive capabilities would be burn damage. His active ability would be a new one: recover disarm.

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Why 95?

Because of reasons

We have Wayland and he is better at everything. Replace Earl with Wayland in armory xD

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I was expecting the rush to be something like:
I can craft for crap
Disarms all team mates for 5 turns
Active skill
Wayland is better than me
Any team with wayland on it gets 500% attack for 3 turns and focus for 5 turns

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Very underrated comment, 9/10, would recommend.


Nah wayland a fraud he conning you those wepons are made by by gator his brother

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Sounds like you know what your doing.

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I always do :relieved:


Ar- Dont think so
56 ap revert weapons back to stock
As- Not on my watch
Ic 1 turn
Cooldown 2- Disarm all toons for 3 turns

Specialist skill- Forgemaster- this toon can only be attacked with crits, if this toon gets attacked from a crit, take 50% less damage

Dude you basically we’re right

Opie is psychic :scream:

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