Do we think they'll ever increase the numbers to a faction?

I know this is a long shot… But has it ever been suggested to increase the members to a faction… I’d love it if it was to increase maybe by 5.


Being a former lead… I think 30 itself is a handful… Can’t bear with dealing with an extra 5 X) hahaha. Different ppl, different capacity I guess

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I’m also a leader but I think I could handle another 10 :wink: lol

For every 6 factions warring there’d be 1 less. Hmmm

If they do that, they probably would need to add +2 slots for war.

We have 8 to fill for war now, so if they add 5 more slots for fac capacity then 8+2 = 10 slots for war? Just thinking of the possibilities.

10 to fill for war you’d probably now have 2 factions warring for every original 6 lol

I wouldn’t all or nothing plus 10 not 5 personally

It’s hard enough for factions to hit milestones now, could you imagine the crazy amounts they would make factions get with more people?
Scopely giveth little and takeaway even more.

Are you sure there are even enough active players to be able to add 5-10 active players to each faction.

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